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DCMI Partners Program

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The DCMI Partners Program is intended for public- and private-sector organizations that want to financial support DCMI or provide in-kind service contributions to DCMI activities. The program offers two categories of partnership—Institutional Partner and Supporting Partner. Institutional Partners participate in deliberations and decisions regarding DCMI policy, strategy and operations.

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Current Partners

Infocom Corporation Infocom Corporation

Infocom Corporation (Japan) is a company that provides IT solutions such as planning, developing and consultation of information systems and IT services such as providing contents to mobile phones, or undertaking operation and management of various information and communication systems.
One of the products of Infocom is InfoLib, an integrated multimedia search system, that aims at effective use of all the digital information as requested by the current society.

Among the features of InfoLib are: simple and easy-to-use interfaces; database to be publicly opened with the simple operations; completely operable via WWW; Unicode supported; Dublin Core supported; XML supported; super high speed search; international Standard Z39.50 supported; OAI-PMH supported; SRW supported; adopted at many national universities, private universities, government and municipal offices.

Information School at the University of Washington Information School at the University of Washington

As a world-leading information school, the University of Washington Information School recognizes the importance of information in society. Our community of dedicated faculty, students and staff views information a catalyst for change, growth and innovation. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, the UW iSchool explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the volume and variety of information we encounter in all aspects of our lives. Through teaching, research and practice, we are improving the ways people and organizations create, find, store, manipulate and share information, while fostering a collaborative culture where inclusiveness and connectedness are celebrated as necessary parts of academic excellence.

Research Center for Knowledge Communities, University of Tsukuba Research Center for Knowledge Communities, University of Tsukuba

The Research Center for Knowledge Communities (RCKC), University of Tsukuba, was established on October 1, 2002. The mission of RCKC is to conduct research on technologies and social aspects of knowledge communities in our advanced networked information societies. The major research areas of RCKC are knowledge and information technologies for the development of knowledge communities and social aspects of the knowledge communities. Another important mission of the Research Center is to serve as a global hub for researchers and practitioners in Library and Information Science and neighboring areas.

In recent years, knowledge and information shared by means of the Internet and digital libraries have significantly influenced our communities—especially those formed by sharing knowledge and intellectual interests. These knowledge-centric communities continuously evolve using new social information networking technologies and services. Thus, it is becoming more and more crucial for our networked information society to understand knowledge communities and to create technologies useful to their progress.

Partner Categories and Fees

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Institutional Partner

Annual Membership Fee: USD 3,000 for one year

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Supporting Partner

Annual Membership Fee: USD 5,000 for one year

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DCMI logo How to Join

An organization wishing to become a Regional, Institutional, or Supporting member should download and complete the application available below for the desired membership category. Submit the application following the instructions included on the Application Form.

Current annual membership fees:

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