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DCMI Communities bring together people working in a domain with interests related to DCMI metadata principles and metadata best practices and the use of Dublin Core specifications in the domain. At a minimum, DCMI community members engage in "watch & report" by communicating about upcoming events (conferences, workshops and seminars), new metadata initiatives, new metadata tools and best practices as they emerge in the community's domain of interest.

In addition, DCMI Communities may define targeted work with an agenda carried out by Community Task Groups. DCMI Communities are coordinated by one or two moderators. Each Community has a Web page on the DCMI Web site and a JISCMAIL forum mailing list for discussion and exchange of information. Participation in a DCMI Community is open for anybody who subscribes to the Community's open forum mailing list.

More information about the operation of the groups listed below can be found in the document describing the operational aspects of DCMI Work structure: Communities and Task Groups.

DCMI Architecture Forum

The objectives of the Architecture Forum are to discuss and develop a model, strategy and roadmap for the practical deployment of Dublin Core metadata using mainstream Web technologies.

Active DCMI Communities

DCMI Communities are interest groups that bring together people interested in a specific topic related to Dublin Core metadata or metadata best practices in a particular domain. DCMI Communities are moderated by one or two moderators. They have a a mailing list for discussion and exchange of information. Participation in a DCMI Community is open for anybody who subscribes to the open mailing list. Community nailing lists that have been inactive for one year or more are subject to closure to new members. Closed lists are archived.

Accessibility Community

Charter Page:
Moderator: Liddy Nevile
Established: 2001-10-25
Charter: The DCMI Accessibility Community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core in a context of accessibility, with the objective to enhance the matching of personal needs to resources through the use of Dublin Core metadata.
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Asia Pacific Community

Charter Page:
Moderator: Henry Hang Lee Lam
Moderator: Akira Miyazawa
Established: 2012-09-03
Charter: The objective of DCMI-AsiaPac is to build a strong DCMI metadata community in the Asia Pacific region through regular discussion of metadata matters of common concern, advancement of regional work agendas, planning of regional activities and further development of metadata expertise among participants and in the region.
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Education Community

Charter Page:
Moderator: Stuart A. Sutton Information School, University of Washington
Established: 1999-08-09
Rechartered: 2006-11-10
Charter: The DCMI Education Community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core and other learning resource metadata in the education domain. The objective of the Community is to promote interoperability within the domain through the use of standard metadata and consensus good practices.
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Government Community

Charter Page:
Charter Page:
Moderator: Marie-Claude Côté
Moderator: John Roberts
Archives New Zealand
Moderator: Hans Overbeek
Established: 1999-10-25

The DC-Government community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core metadata in a context of government agencies and International Governmental Organizations (IGO's), with the objective to promote the application of Dublin Core metadata in that context.

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Libraries Community

Charter Page:
Moderator: Sarah Hartmann
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Germany
Moderator: Stefanie Rühle
Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (SUB), Germany
Established: 2006-12-18
Charter: The DCMI Library Community is a forum for individuals and organisations in the library domain to exchange information and experience about the use of Dublin Core metadata in a library context and to encourage best practice. More specifically, it provides a forum for discussion of issues related to the DC Library Application Profile.
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Localization & Internationalization Community

Charter Page:
Moderator: Shigeo Sugimoto
University of Library and Information Science Tsukuba
Moderator: Karen Rollitt
National Library of New Zealand - Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa
Established: 1997-10-08
Charter: The DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community is a forum for individuals and organizations to share information and exchange ideas on the use of Dublin Core in their local or domain-specific applications with the global community. It also provides a forum for promoting interoperability and discussion on any issues arising from or relating to the use of DC in a variety of languages and cultures.
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Registry Community

Charter Page:
Moderators: Jon Phipps
Metadata Management Associates (LLC), USA
Emma Tonkin
Kings College, London, UK
Corey A. Harper
New York University Libraries, USA
Established: 1999-12-15

The DCMI Registry Community Group is a forum for service providers and developers of both metadata schema registries and controlled vocabulary registries to exchange information and experience.

The specific goals of this group are

  1. To foster a common approach to
    • Use of data models and standards
    • Handling multi-lingual vocabularies
    • Sharing and exchanging registry data
    • Vocabulary mapping
  2. To promote interaction between affiliated registries
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Science & Metadata Community

Charter Page:
Moderators: Alex Ball
Jane Greenberg
Jian Qin
Established: 2009-01-12
Charter: The DCMI Science and Metadata Community is a forum for individuals and organizations to exchange information and knowledge about metadata describing scientific data (data methodologically collected for research, analysis, tracking, forecasting, and other uses). The Community focuses on metadata challenges specific to scientific data curation, and solutions that will benefit from the architecture and global reach of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
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Vocabulary Management Community

Charter Page:
Interim Moderator: Diane Hillmann
Metadata Management Associates (LLC)
Established: 2011-10-20
Charter: The DCMI Vocabulary Management Community is a forum and collaboration space for those interested in defining and documenting best practices for vocabularies, providing guidance for new practitioners, and promoting responsible change management. In addition, the Community will address design and quality issues in vocabularies and mappings in a modern Semantic Web environment..
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Active DCMI Task Groups

DCMI Task Groups are established around a specific set of activities leading to a set of deliverables. Task groups are led by one or two Task Group leaders and consist of a group of people who commit to help perform the defined tasks. Task Groups may have a Web page, a Wiki and a mailing list. Anybody can ask for participation in a Task Group; the Task Group leaders are responsible for assigning tasks to the members.

Abstract Model Review:
Bibliographic Metadata:
(formerly DCMI/RDA Task Group)
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