DC2007 DCMI Collection Description Community Workshop Report

Chair: Ann Apps, DCMI Collection Description Community Moderator [Mimas, The University of Manchester]


When: Tuesday 28 August 2007, 15:00 - 16:30


Ann Apps explained the purpose of the DCMI Collection Description Community, and gave an overview of the history of the development of the DCMI Collections Application Profile (DCCAP) by the previous DCMI Collection Description Working Group. This included an overview of the domain model, the purpose of collection description, the RSLP Collection Description schema from which DCCAP was derived, and the current version of the DCCAP, which was endorsed as 'conformant' by the DCMI Usage Board in March 2007.

Muriel Folonneau, who is a co-chair of the DCMI Collection Description Application Profile Task Group, detailed the planned work of this group over the next year. Some of this work will be undertaken by herself and Sarah Shreeves, the other co-chair, and some by the Task Group.

Juha Hakala gave an update on the NISO Metasearch Initiative Collection Description Specification. He suggested investigating making the two specifications identical. This would involve doing all the work in the DCMI Collection Description community, then passing the result to NISO to fast track. The main difference between the two specifications is the 'completeness' property, which is in the NISO specification but not the DCCAP. This proposal will be discussed by the DCMI Collection Description Application Profile Task Group.

There were a couple of presentations of applications based on collection description.