DC Collection Description

Report of Working Group Meeting,
Wednesday 1 October 2003, DC-2003, Seattle


The DC CD WG met on Wednesday 1 October 2003 at DC-2003 in Seattle and the meeting attracted about 15-20 participants.

Andy Powell and Pete Johnston introduced the work of the WG with some brief background about CLD, and then the meeting focused on the "current issues" with the 2003-08-25 draft of the application profile [2]. The slides presented are available 3].

The meeting made the following decisions

1. Collection-Service/Location relation

2. Rights

3. Subject

4. Format

5. Logo

6. Strength

7. Date

8. URI/namespace/vocabulary issues

9. Status/management of APs created by DCMI WGs


[1] DC Collection Description WG meeting, Wednesday 1 October, 13.30-15.00. Agenda http://dc2003.ischool.washington.edu/collectionDescription.html

[2] Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile, Working Draft 2003-08-25 http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/collection-application-profile/2003-08-25/

[3] DC Collection Description http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/dc2003/cdwg/slides.htm