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DCMI Datamodel Working Group

Chair: Paul Miller
Chair: Eric Miller
Status: This working group is inactive.
Established: 1998-11-04
Deactivated: 2000-10-06
  1. The working group was set up following the DC-5 workshop in Helsinki, and aims to:

    1. develop a Data Model for both unqualified and qualified Dublin Core metadata;
    2. consider the mapping of both unqualified and qualified Dublin Core metadata to RDF;
    3. make recommendations for the development of Dublin Core metadata, consistent with the automated conversion of such metadata from HTML to RDF.


Scheduled Milestone Description Editor/Contact Status/History
Guidance on expressing the Dublin Core within the Resource Description Framework (RDF) Working Draft, 1999-05-26 Paul Miller In process - Closing date for comments is 17:00 GMT, 1999-06-21, Monday

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