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DCMI Date Working Group

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Chair: Eric Childress
Douglas Campbell
Status: This working group has been deactivated.
Established: 2003-10-03
Deactivated: 2008-09-27
Last Update: 2010-05-17

The purpose of the DCMI Date WG is to:

  1. Provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to the representation of date and time in metadata,
  2. Foster the adoption of standards and practices that will enhance the interoperability of date and time information conveyed in Dublin Core metadata.

News and Announcements

See the DC-Date Wiki for up-to-date information about the working group.


Scheduled Milestone Editor/Contact Status/History
Date and Time Short Form Charles McCathieNevile Working Draft
DCMI Date WG workplan 2005-2006 Eric Childress and Douglas Campbell Completed
DCMI Date WG workplan 2004-2005 Eric Childress Completed
DCMI Date WG workplan 2003-2004 Eric Childress Completed
DC-Date Qualifiers, 1999-12-14 Eric Childress Completed
Working Group Draft Report John A. Kunze Completed


Mailing list

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For up to date information about the working group and for draft documents, see the Wiki.


The Date Working Group was constituted following the Helsinki Dublin Core Metadata Workshop (DC-5) of October, 1997 and deactivated 2000-10-06 upon completion of its original charge. The Date Working Group was reactivated following the 2003 Dublin Core Conference (DC-2003) of October, 2003.

Related Work


Selected date and time notation standards:

General information about date and time notation standards:

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