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DCMI Subelement Working Group

Chair: Paul Miller
Status: This working group is currently inactive.
Established: 1997-10
Deactivated: 1998-11-04
Charter: This working group is examining the use of (optional) subelements to refine the meaning and use of existing Dublin Core elements. This work overlaps that of other groups addressing the generic data model and element-specific requirements, but the subelement group retains a role in devising element-neutral guidelines for when and how subelements might most effectively be used.


Scheduled Milestone Description Editor/Contact Status/History
Working Group Draft Report
Paul Miller Provisional report, now partly superseded by evolution in the Dublin Core
Qualified Dublin Core Metadata for Simple Resource Discovery
Paul Miller, Tony Gill Provisional first draft of an RFC as part of the Dublin Core community's standardisation and formalisation process. Now largely superseded by evolution in the datamodel and community thinking.


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