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News for 2000

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative: Mission, Current Activities, and Future Directions

An article by Stuart L. Weibel and Traugott Koch has been published in the December 2000 issue of DLib Magazine.Friday, December 15, 2000

Press Release: E-Learning Takes Important Step Forward

The Learning Technology Standards Committee Learning Objects Metadata working group of the IEEE and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative today announced their joint commitment to develop interoperable metadata for learning, education and training.Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Presentations from DC-8 Workshop Now Available

PowerPoint and HTML versions of presentations made at the DC-8 Workshop in Ottawa are now available on the DCMI web site.Friday, November 10, 2000

Call for Information about Management about Metadata

DCMI Administrative Metadata Working Group: Send information about your management of metadata: elements and description of use. We are interested in both working projects and proposals for projects.Thursday, November 09, 2000


The PictureAustralia service has been provided for use by all Australians, to discover our heritage as documented in pictures. Through a single access point, it is possible to search the distributed image collections of many cultural institutions.Wednesday, October 18, 2000


Metabrowser is a web browser that shows metadata and web pages simultaneously.Monday, October 16, 2000

DC-Education Summary Proposal

This document is a Draft Proposal of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and is intended to reflect consensus reached within the Education Working Group of the DCMI. It reports decisions reached by DCEd through its online discussions and face-to-face meetings in Frankfurt (October 25-27, 1999) and Melbourne (February 19-20, 2000).Thursday, October 05, 2000

8th International Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Workshop (DC8)

The National Library of Canada and OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. are pleased to host the 8th International Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Workshop, co-sponsored by the IFLA UDT Core Programme.Wednesday, October 04, 2000

TagGen - Dublin Core Edition

TagGen Dublin Core is a metatag generator that is use to create metatags in an enhanced wizard interface. Using the TagGen Wizard you can add Page Properties, Site Properties, PICS Properties, and all other search engine related metadata.Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Recording qualified Dublin Core metadata in HTML meta elements

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) allows much descriptive information about resources to be expressed. However, in some applications it is desirable to refine the meanings of the DCMES metadata. A method for refining DCMES is encompassed in an extended model known as Qualified Dublin Core metadata, which requires additional labels and data, known generically as qualifiers. In this recommendation, we describe the methods provided directly by HTML, and explain how to record Qualified DCMES metadata in HTML using the meta element in the document head.Tuesday, August 15, 2000


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