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2003 News and Announcements

General Announcements

Usage Board approves new terms for the DCMI Type Vocabulary

2003-12-08, The DCMI Usage Board is pleased to announce the to the addition of two new terms, "Moving Image" and "Still Image", to the DCMI Type Vocabulary. The new terms are documented on the Web page "DCMI Metadata Terms" and in an updated RDF schema.

More revised charters of Working Groups

2003-12-08, In a second batch after DC-2003, the Advisory Board has approved revised charters of the Accessibility, Education, Global Corporate Circle, Government, Registry and User Documentation Working Groups.

DCMI Advisory Board approves changes in Working Groups

2003-11-03, The DCMI Advisory Board, in its meeting in Seattle on 3 October 2003, discussed and approved proposals for changes in DCMI Working Groups. It was decided that all groups will from now on be called Working Groups. All groups have a role in providing a discussion platform for the community on the subject defined in the charter. WGs can, but do not have to, have identified deliverables.

Further changes approved were: to establish a Working Group for Preservation, chaired by Heike Neuroth (State and University Library Göttingen, Germany) and Andrew Wilson (National Archives of Australia); to re-open the Date Working Group, chaired by Eric Childress (OCLC, USA); to rename the User Guides Working Group to User Documentation Working Group, chaired by Mary Woodley (California State University Northridge); and to close the Administrative Working Group, chaired by Leif Andresen (Library Authority of Denmark).

New Working Group chairs appointed

2003-11-03, In the last two months, a number of new chairs have been appointed. Andy Powell (UKOLN, UK) is the new chair of the Architecture Working Group; Stu Weibel (OCLC, USA) replaces José Borbinha (National Library of Portugal) as co-chair of the Agents Working Group; Helen Josephine (Intel Library, USA) and Sarah Rice (Seneb Consulting, USA) are the new co-chairs of the Global Corporate Circle; John Roberts (Archives New Zealand) replaces Andrew Wilson (National Archives of Australia) as co-chair of the Government Working Group; Karen Rollitt (National Library of New Zealand) replaces Olga Barysheva (National Library of Russia) as co-chair of the Localization and Internationalization Working Group; and Robina Clayphan (The British Library, UK) replaces Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress, USA) as chair of the Libraries Working Group.

Akira Miyazawa appointed new member of DCMI Usage Board

2003-11-03, The DCMI Directorate has appointed Akira Miyazawa of the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo to serve on the DCMI Usage Board. The designer of NACSIS-CAT, Japan's national bibliographic utility, he is currently working at NII on a metadata collection project and serves as chair of the Japanese committee for ISO/TC46 (Information and documentation). Haruki Nagata of the University of Tsukuba (Japan) will be stepping down after two years of service on the Usage Board.

Revised charters approved for Citation, Collection Description, and Libraries Working Groups

2003-11-03, Following the DC-2003 workshop sessions, several Working Groups have been revising their charters. The revised charters of the Citation, Collection Description, and Libraries Working Groups have been approved by the Advisory Board over the last month, and revised charters of the Accessibility, Agents, Education, Government, Registies, Tools and User Documentation Working Groups are under discussion.

September 2003 DCMI Status report now available

2003-09-15, Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director, has published the next status report of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, with highlights of the last year. More information...

Online abstracts for DC-2003 now available online

2003-09-01, With the help of Siderean Software, DC-2003 Conference now has abstracts available online. Click here to access descriptions of the papers and posters to the upcoming conference.

Deadline extended for DC-2003 Conference Hotel reservation

2003-08-29, Last chance for conference rate hotel booking! Deadline extended to September 8, 2003 for the DC-2003 conference hotel, Seattle Marriott Waterfront. This is the final deadline to get the conference rate. To make reservations click here. For more information about participating in DC-2003 click here.

DC-2003 Preliminary Program Schedule Available

2003-07-30, The DC-2003 Conference and Workshop tentative schedule to be held in Seattle, Washington, USA, September 28 through October 2 is available on the DC-2003 Web site. Abstracts of all papers and posters will be available online very soon. Online registration for the Conference hotel and all related activities is also available at the DC-2003 Web site.

Important URLs

Important notes and deadlines

DCMI Directorate Leadership Transition

2003-07-01, As of July 1, 2003, Stuart Weibel has stepped down as Director of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Makx Dekkers, DCMI's Managing Director, will assume this role. Stu will continue an active role on the DCMI Board of Trustees, on the Advisory Board, and as primary liaison between DCMI and OCLC, the host of the DCMI Directorate. Learn more.

DCMI and IEEE LTSC Co-Locate in Seattle for DC-2003

2003-06-30, The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) are pleased to announce that the LTSC will be holding plenary and working group meetings in Seattle, Washington, September 30 - October 3 in conjunction with the DCMI 2003 conference (http://dc2003.ischool.washington.edu [cached copy]). This co-location will encourage the continued exchange of ideas and joint work. Further details concerning the LTSC meetings will be made available at http://ltsc.ieee.org and linked from the DCMI conference page.

DC-Lab to Highlight DC-Based Systems & Services at DC-2003

2003-06-30, Register for DC-2003 today! The registration form for the Conference, Tutorial, and Workshop tracks as well as pre-Conference workshops is available at http://dc2003.ischool.washington.edu/registration.html [cached copy]. In addition, the new DC-Lab will provide organizations with the opportunity to present their DC-based applications to interested attendees in an informal setting. The DC-Lab will be open throughout the conference and will take place in a space accommodating approximate 6-8 simultaneous demonstrations. The facility will be equipped with a wireless network and several data projectors. Approximately one half of the space will be dedicated to pre-scheduled presentations and the remaining space will be filled on a drop-in basis. Daily early morning announcements will be made at DC-2003 of the DC-Lab schedule. Organizations interested in sharing their applications with attendees through the DC-Lab should contact Danielle Miller at mailto:koala@u.washington.edu.

July 2003 DCMI Status report now available

2003-07-07, Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director, has published the next status report of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, with highlights of the last three months. More information...

Register now for DC-2003!

2003-05-29, Online registration is now available for the DC-2003 Conference & Workshop to be held in Seattle, Washington, USA 28 September through 2 October 2003. The registration form can be found on the Conference Web site. Registration for the 28 September pre-conference workshops Metadata Search (sponsored by the DCMI Global Corporate Circle) and Metadata Primer (sponsored by the University of Washington Information School) are also available through the online form. The number of available participants in the pre-conference workshops is limited so early registration is encouraged. Following the open spirit of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, DC-2003 is open to researchers, system implementers, metadata practitioners, administrators, and others wanting to engage in a dialog to advance the discourse and practice of metadata research and applications. DC-2003 will consist of Conference, Workshop, and Tutorial tracks.

Public comment requested for two proposals to the Usage Board

2003-05-16, Two proposals from the DCMI Type Working Group to the Usage Board are now available for review and public comment. The public comment period for the proposals for Moving Image and Still Image is open until 13 June 2003. [More info]

DC-2003 Paper Submission Date Extended

2003-04-29, The Contributed Papers deadline for DC-2003 has been extended from May 3, 2003 to May 17, 2003. For more information, see the DC-2003 Web site Call for Papers.

Finland becomes the first DCMI Affiliate

2003-05-05, DCMI and the National Library of Finland are pleased to announce that Finland has become DCMI's first National Affiliate. The DCMI Affiliate program is intended to provide a stronger link between local communities of practice and the Initiative. Affiliates will help promote the adoption of Dublin Core specifications, and provide a training and consulting foundation to help promulgate adoption of DC specifications. They will also maintain translations of base DCMI standards and documentation as appropriate for the locale. Affiliates will help support the infrastructure and management of DCMI, and in return, will assume a growing governance role in the Initiative.

Juha Hakala, Director, Information Technology for the National Library, and a long time Dublin Core partipant, sees DCMI Affiliation as an important strategic link between the National Library and many non-traditional constituents of the National Library.

Finland has adopted Dublin Core as a basic part of the government's information technology strategy, making DC a Finnish National Standard published by the Finnish Standards Association SFS, and maintained & supported by the National Library.

More information on DCMI Affiliates can be found at: http://dublincore.org/about/affiliates/

More information on the National Library of Finland can be found at: http://www.lib.helsinki.fi/english/

DC-2003 Pre-Conference Workshops Announced

2003-04-29, Two DC-2003 pre-conference workshops will be offered on Sunday, 28 September 2003:

Metadata Search sponsored by the DCMI Corporate Circle. This all day workshop will focus on internal or site search technology, as opposed to external, Internet or web search technology (although some technology is applicable to both internal and external search applications). There will be presentations by experts, implementation case studies from our community, demonstrations by search technology vendors, and lots of time for Q&A with our experts, practitioners, vendors, and among ourselves.

Metadata Primer sponsored by the Information School of the University of Washington. This all day workshop will introduce the basics of metadata. In this primer, participants will learn metadata's role in resource discovery, management, and interoperability. We will cover the basics questions. "What is metadata?" "What can metadata do?" "How does XML figure into this?" These questions and more will be covered through interactive lectures and hands on computer lab-based mini-projects. The primer will be team-taught by members of the community of the Information School of the University of Washington and other select instructors who actively work with metadata.

State of the Dublin Core Initiative 2003 Published

2003-04-23, Makx Dekkers and Stuart Weibel have published the latest in the series of State of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative reports in the April issue of DLib Magazine, the online journal for digital library applications.

This article highlights DC 2003, held last fall in Florence as well as other progress in the past year.

Readers may access this article at: http://dlib.org/dlib/april03/weibel/04weibel.html

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set standard has been approved

2003-04-08, The DCMI Directorate is pleased to report that the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set standard has been approved. The final text of the ISO 15836 standard and the balloting report, including the response to comments, on the SC4 document log on the ISO TC46/SC4 website: http://www.niso.org/international/SC4/sc4docs.html

This approval is a welcome culmination of an incremental process to bring the Dublin Core metadata element set to a broad world-wide constituency. This process has involved CEN in Europe and NISO in the US. As an international standard, it will be easier for many organizations to adopt and promote the use of Dublin Core to enhance resource discovery using the Internet.

Dublin Core is the only cross-domain resource discovery standard developed and standardized through an open standards process. More than 1500 people from 50 countries subscribe to DCMI working groups, and translations of DCMI metadata products are available in more than 20 languages. Ratification as an ISO standard is important recognition of this international effort.

Special thanks are due to Patricia Harris of NISO, who assisted in arranging the fast track balloting of this standard, and Leif Andresen, Chair of the DCMI Standards Interest Group, who was key to sheparding the event.

New Question and Answer service AskDCMI installed

2003-04-07, Today, DCMI introduces a new Question and Answer service for the community: AskDCMI. This service is based on the virtual reference infrastructure developed by the Information Institute of Syracuse as part of the Virtual Reference Desk project. A number of experts from the Usage Board and the Advisory Board have agreed to be available to answer questions from the community. Selected questions and answers will be available in a searchable archive.

Proposed Recommendation "Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML" available for Public Comment

2003-02-28, The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce the Public Comment period for the document "Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML". Public Comment is open until March 31, 2003. Comments should be sent to DC-General.

DC-2003 Conference & Workshop Call for Papers

Contributed Papers Deadline: May 3, 2003

Other important dates for contributed works.

The DC-2003 Conference and Workshop will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA on 28 September 2003 through 2 October 2003. The Bell Harbor International Conference Center has been chosen as the Conference and Workshop venue. Two pre-conference workshops are in planning: (1) Metadata and Search sponsored by the DCMI Global Corporate Circle, and (2) Meta data Primer sponsored by the Information School of the University of Washington.

The DC-2003 Conference & Workshop will consist of the following tracks and activities:

DC-2003 Conference Call for Papers

2003-02-28, The DC-2003 Conference and Workshop will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA on 28 September 2003 through 2 October 2003. The Program Committee has issued a Call for Papers. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the DC-2003 Program Committee and accepted papers and posters will be published on line and in print as the DC-2003 Conference Proceedings. Important submission dates for authors of papers and posters include:

  1. May 3, 2003: Contributed papers due
  2. May 17, 2003: Proposals for posters due
  3. June 7, 2003: Authors and poster proposers notified
  4. July 5, 2003: Camera-ready copy due for papers and posters

The Program Committee emphasizes that the scope of the DC-2003 Conference Track is broad in the sense that it is not limited to research and development focusing solely on the Dublin Core metadata element set. Rather, the Conference Track seeks to bring together researchers and implementers concerned with metadata issues in a broad array of contexts as those issues affect both cross-domain and discourse/practice community resource discovery, retrieval, use and management.

The DCMI Usage Board welcomes its ninth member, Andrew Wilson of the National Archives of Australia

2003-02-11, The DCMI Usage Board welcomes its ninth member, Andrew Wilson of the National Archives of Australia. Andrew works on the Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) and has been involved with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative since 1998, having played a major role in the work of the DC-Government working group.

The Usage Board makes a critical contribution to the DCMI process, reviewing and evaluating proposals for additions or changes in DCMI metadata terms, and helping to assure the coherence of these terms within the DCMI architecture.

More information on AGLS can be found at: http://www.naa.gov.au/recordkeeping/gov_online/agls/summary.html
More information on the DCMI Usage Board can be found at: http://dublincore.org/usage/

DC-Accessibility meets in Washington D.C.

2003-02-28, On 22-23 January 2003, a meeting in Washington DC, hosted by NIST, brought together a group of people working in DC-Accessibility and people active in INCITS V2, to discuss the development of an international roadmap of who is doing what work in the field of accessibility. See: http://www.dc-anz.org/access-roadmap/. Those interested are invited to contact the chair of the DC-Accessibility group, Liddy Nevile <liddy.nevile@motile.net>, to receive more information about how to participate in this work.

Document Announcements

Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements becomes DCMI Recommendation

2003-11-30, The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce that the Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements is now a DCMI Recommendation. This document describes how a Dublin Core metadata record can be embedded into an HTML/XHTML Web page using HTML/XHTML elements.

Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements available for Public Comment

2003-11-03, The Proposed Recommendation Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements is available for Public Comment from 3 through 30 November 2003. More information...

Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML become DCMI Recommendation and new XML schemas published

2003-04-02, The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce that the Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML is now a DCMI Recommendation. This document considers both simple (unqualified) DC and qualified DC applications. At the same time, a new set of XML schemas is published. These support the encoding of Qualified Dublin Core metadata records, including the use of element refinements and encoding schemes, and follow the conventions described in Guidelines for expressing Dublin Core in XML.

Meeting Announcements

International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications to Focus on the Global Advancement of Metadata

2003-12-10, The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative will hold its annual conference on Oct.11-14, 2004 at the Shanghai Library, in Shanghai China. The 2004 conference is sponsored in partnership with the Shanghai Library. Read the press release.

DC-2004 to take place in Shanghai, China, 11-14 October 2004

2003-11-03, DCMI and Shanghai Library are pleased to announce that the 2004 Dublin Core Annual Conference will be held from 11 through 14 October 2004 at the Shanghai Library. The conference title and themes, together with the timeline for paper submission and review will be announced before the end of 2003.

DC-2003 papers and presentations available

2003-11-03, In addition to the Online Proceedings of the DC-2003 conference, the report of the pre-conference on Metadata and Search is now available, with links to the presentations.

Highlights of the DCMI Usage Board meeting, 27-28 September 2003 in Seatlle

2003-11-03, The DCMI Usage Board held its sixth bi-annual meeting on 27-28 September in Seattle. Topics discussed included the finalization of a decision to add "Moving Image" and "Still Image" to the DCMI Type Vocabulary; user-oriented guidance such as "Using Dublin Core", "Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles", and the "AskDCMI" service; the registration and identification of encoding schemes; the use of MARC Relator terms as refinements of dc:contributor; and a draft Abstract Model under discussion on the DC-Architecture list. Related drafts and decision texts will be made available on the Usage Board Web pages.

High turnout for DC-2003

2003-10-10, DC-2003, the annual Dublin Core event that took place in Seattle from 28 through 2 October 2003, attracted over 300 participants from 20 countries. Abstracts and full text of the papers and posters are available on the Program section of the conference Web site.. Reports of working group meetings will be prepared and are expected to become available on the working group Web pages by early November.

Final call for DC-2003

2003-09-15, DC-2003 is rapidly approaching. Please watch the Conference Web site for the latest news. We are looking forward to meeting many of you in Seattle.

Usage Board meeting in Seattle; comment period for DCMICite

2003-09-01, The DCMI Usage Board will hold its next meeting on Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 September 2003, in conjunction with the DC-2003 conference in Seattle, Washington. Please contact Thomas Baker for further details.

The DCMI Citation Working Group has submitted a proposal -- "DCMICite: a Bibliographic Citation Dublin Core Structured Value (DCSV) Encoding Scheme" -- for review by the Usage Board (see the Public Comment page). Public comment is open until 26 September; comments should be sent to DC-General.

DCMI Board of Trustees and Advisory Board meetings in Seattle

2003-09-01, In conjunction with DC-2003, meetings will be held in Seattle of the DCMI Board of Trustees (27 September 2003) and the DCMI Advisory Board (3 October 2003).

IFLA Satellite meeting to be held at the Göttingen State and University Library

2003-07-30, The Göttingen State and University Library (SUB), the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), and the Information Technology Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) are jointly organizing an IFLA Satellite meeting to be held at the Göttingen State and University Library, Germany from 11th August to the 12th of August 2003.

This meeting, entitled "Information Technology and DCMI" will share new developments in Dublin Core metadata and encourage use the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting to exchange and share metadata collections (repositories).

Further objectives include discussions about important related issues such as long-term preservation and metadata registries, and will include discussion of DCMI's National Affiliate program.

The program includes an international range of talks exploring common approaches and challenges to the topic of DCMI, metadata issues, long-term preservation, OAI and metadata registries. The outcomes of this meeting are expected to inform followup discussions at DC-2003 in Seattle Washington in September.

More information about the Göttingen meeting can be found at http://post-ifla.sub.uni-goettingen.de/. More information about DC-2003 can be found at http://www.ischool.washington.edu/dc2003/ [cached copy]

DCMI Usage Board met at Cornell in June

2003-07-05, The DCMI Usage Board held a meeting at Cornell University on 16-17 June 2003 and is currently finalizing a series of decisions and documents, among which:

The full decisions and related materials will be made available as they are finalized.

DCMI Board of Trustees met in Budapest in May

2003-07-03, The DCMI Board of Trustees mid-year meeting convened in Budapest, Hungary at the end of May to discuss ongoing activities and review organizational plans and activities for the coming months.

Agenda items included the DCMI Directorate leadership transition, status of current working group activities, strategic opportunities, discussion of funding opportunities and financial status of DCMI, and progress on organization of the upcoming DC Conference in Seattle.

The development and prospects of the Affiliate program occupied a significant part of the meeting, coming soon after the establishment of the National Library of Finland as DCMI's first National Affiliate. Discussions continue with additional prospects in this important effort to distribute ownership and support of DCMI more widely. Discussions included the evolving form of governance of DCMI and how this might be distributed more broadly to reflect the interests of stakeholders.

Other agenda issues included strategic liaisons that will be increasingly important as the metadata landscape evolves and the role that DCMI can play in helping consolidate a stable metadata architecture on the Web.

The DCMI Board of Trustees meets twice a year in face-to-face meetings and communicates through teleconferences and email as issues arise. The next meeting will be held in conjunction with DC-2003 in Seattle.

Seminar on Application of the Dublin Core Metadata Model in Spain

2003-06-02, The National Library of Spain hosts a Seminar on the "Application of the Dublin Core Metadata Model in Spain" on 5 June 2003 in Madrid. The meeting is co-organized by the University Institute of Information Science and Information Management "Agustín Millares" of the Carlos III University in Madrid; SEDIC, the Spanish Society of Information Science and Scientific Information; and the National Library of Spain. The event will be relayed in real time by the UC3M-TV service on: http://audiovisuales.uc3m.es/index2.html. Contact Eva Méndez for further information.

Usage Board Meeting Announced

2003-05-05, The next Usage Board meeting will be held at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, on 16-17 May 2003. Interested members of the Dublin Core community should contact the Usage Board chair, Tom Baker for further information.

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