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News for 2007

DC-2008 to be held in Berlin, 22-26 September 2008

At DC-2007, the location and dates for next year's conference were revealed. DC-2008 will be held in Berlin, Germany from 22 through 26 September 2008. The event will be jointly organized by the Competence Centre for Interoperable Metadata (KIM), Max Planck Digital Library, Gttingen State and University Library, the German National Library and Humboldt University. Please see the Conference Web site for further news as it develops.

DC-2007 opens next week

DC-2007 is now only one week away. The day before the conference, Monday 27 August 2007 is Tutorial Day while the conference and workshop will run from Tuesday 28 August through Thursday 30 August followed by a day on Friday 31 August with two seminars. Online registration is now closed, but you can register on site at the National Library on Sunday 26 August from 14:00 to 18:00, and from Monday 27 August from 08:00 at the conference venue, the InterContinental Singapore, on level 2.


The preparations for DC-2007, to be held in Singapore from 27 through 31 August 2007 are now drawing to a close. The final program for the conference now contains links to presentation slides and workshop session agendas. Online registration closes on 18 August 2007. On-site registration will be available on Sunday 26 August at the National Library from 14:00 to 18:00, and from Monday 27 August at the conference venue, the InterContinental Singapore, on level 2 from 08:00.

DCMI Status report August 2007 published

Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director, has published a new status report of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, covering the period March 2007 to August 2007. Read the report...

DCMI Web site and documentation survey

As part of a program to evaluate the Web site and documentation published by DCMI, a survey has been developed asking a broad range of users for their feedback on DCMI's Web presence. Results will be anonymous, but in hopes that some responders will be willing to provide additional feedback, a place for names and e-mail addresses is included to allow more in depth interviews as well. Members of the DCMI community are encouraged to distribute the questionnaire announcement to those who might be interested in assisting in this Web site review.

Development of DCMI Application Profile Model and Wiki tools for Application Profiles

DCMI has commissioned two work items that are related to the development of Application Profiles. The first is a specification of a DCMI Description Set Profile as part of a more formal DCMI Application Profile Model, drafted by Mikael Nilsson. Following from that work, Fredrik Enoksson is designing a Wiki format for Dublin Core Application Profiles which both renders the profile readably in HTML and is structured in such a way that it can be automatically converted by a script into an XML format.

New approval process for DCMI documents

Following the changes in work structure that have taken place since DC-2006, the DCMI Directorate, in consultation with the DCMI Usage Board and DCMI Advisory Board, has revised the approval processes for DCMI documents. As of August 2007, the new procedure described in the DCMI Process Document Procedure for approval of proposals by DCMI is in effect. Please also note the Proposal Submission Form that can be used for submission of proposals.

Public comment closed

Public Comment is now closed for the editorial revisions to existing DCMI terms and for a proposed set of classes for use as domains and ranges of DCMI properties. The proposals will now be discussed by the DCMI Usage Board in their meeting in Singapore on 25 and 26 August 2007.

DC-2007 Guest of Honour confirmed, program updated

The Organizing Committee of DC-2007, to be held 27-31 August 2007 in Singapore, is pleased to announce that the Guest of Honour at the conference opening will be Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore's Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts. The conference program has been updated and now contains the titles and presenters of the Conference Papers, as well as more information on the workshop and special sessions.

Public Comment on revisions to DCMI terms and assignment of domains and ranges

Public Comment is being held from 2 through 30 July on a set of editorial revisions to existing DCMI terms and on a proposed set of classes for use as domains and ranges of DCMI properties. Domains and ranges reinforce the natural-language definition of a property with explicit statements that support inferences about the type of resource being described. Interested members of the public are invited to post comments to the DC-ARCHITECTURE mailing list, including "[Public Comment]" in the subject line.