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News for 2007

Revised DCMI Namespace Policy published

Following a public comment period earlier this year, a revised DCMI Namespace Policy has been published. The revision documents the creation of a new namespace for entities of the DCMI Abstract Model and updates the terminology used.

DC-2007 Preliminary program published, on-line registration opens

The Organizing Committee of DC-2007, to be held in Singapore from 27 through 31 August 2007, has published the preliminary program for the conference. Keynotes will be given by Johannes Keizer, team leader for Semantic Standards in the Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome and Zhang Xiaoxing, Deputy Director of the National Cultural Information Resource Center of China. Online registration is now open.

DCMI Task Group for collaborative work on ResourceDescription and Access (RDA)

A new DCMI Task Group is being set up for collaborative work on Resource Description and Access (RDA), a library standard being developed for resource description and access in the digital world, building on foundations established by the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR). The Task Group, led by Diane Hillmann of Cornell University and Gordon Dunsire of Strathclyde University, is being set up in response to recommendations of a meeting hosted by the British Library on 30 April and 1 May 2007 between people involved in DCMI, the Semantic Web community and developers of RDA.

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set renewed as ANSI/NISO standard

As the result of a five-year review, an updated version of the "The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set" has been published as ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.85-2007.

Presentation on benefits of using Dublin Core published

Based on work done by Barbara Gorson and subsequent review by a committee of the DCMI Advisory Board, a general presentation of the benefits of using Dublin Core metadata has been produced under the title "Making Information Work: the Dublin Core Way".

Revised DCMI Abstract Model approved as a DCMI Recommendation

Incorporating resolutions of comments received in the public comment period in April 2007, a revised version of the DCMI Abstract Model has been approved as a DCMI Recommendation. A related specification "Expressing Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework (RDF)" supersedes a 2002 Proposed Recommendation on "Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF / XML". The new RDF specification remains a DCMI Proposed Recommendation pending the resolution of issues raised during the public comment period.

Call for tender for a machine-processable application profile format

DCMI has published a Call for Tender for the creation of a structured document format expressing a Description Set Profile (part of a Dublin Core Application Profile) as a wiki page, along with a script for transforming the wiki document into a machine-processable representation in XML.

DCMI Tools workshop at ELPUB in Vienna, 13 June 2007

At the ELPUB conference in Vienna, a DCMI Tools workshop will be held under the title "Ontologies for Digital Application Description". The workshop will take place on 13 June 2007 and focus on the development of an ontology for the description of algorithms, tools, and applications developed in the context of the Semantic Web and DCMI metadata definitions. The workshop is open for all participants of the ELPUB conference and members of the DCMI Tools community.

Description Set Profile model under development

The DCMI Directorate has awarded a contract to Mikael Nilsson (Knowmania HB, Sweden) to draft a specification modelling a "Description Set Profile" the core component of an Application Profile as a formal set of templates and constraints on the basis of the DCMI Abstract Model. A first draft of this specification will form the basis of subsequent Call for Tender to design a structured document format in support of formally defined Application Profiles.

Official DC-2007 Web site installed

The official Web site of DC-2007, to be held in Singapore from 27 through 31 August 2007, is now online. Information about the conference will be posted on a regular basis. Organizations interested in sponsoring the event are kindly invited to look at the Call for Sponsors.