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News from 2007

The DCMI Usage Board held its mid-year meeting in Barcelona on 16-17 March 2007. The Usage Board reviewed a revised version of the Collection Description Application Profile, determined that it "conforms" to the DCMI Abstract Model, and is finalizing a formal review. A proposal for assigning domains and ranges to DCMI properties was discussed in light of public comment and is being revised for a further round of public comment in May 2007.

Public comment will be held from 2 to 30 April 2007 on two related documents: the "DCMI Abstract Model" and the specification "Expressing Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework", or DC-RDF. In accordance with feedback received in an earlier public comment period from 4 February to 4 March 2007, the Abstract Model has been modified to differentiate literal and non-literal values in order to support unambiguous transformations into RDF from any encoding syntax that follows the Abstract Model.

After four years of service, Andy Powell of Eduserve Foundation (UK) is stepping down as moderator of the DCMI Architecture Forum. Mikael Nilsson of KTH, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), co-author of the DCMI Abstract Model and the specification for expressing Dublin Core metadata in RDF, will co-moderate the forum together with Thomas Baker of DCMI. Mikael in now also a member of the DCMI Advisory Board.

The Program Committee for DC-2007, to be held in Singapore from 27 through 31 August 2007, has extended the deadline for submission of papers to 16 April 2007. For more information, please see the Call for Papers.

The DCMI Directorate has awarded the two Calls for Tender, issued in March 2007, to Diane Hillmann and Jon Phipps at Cornell University. Over the next couple of months they will be analyzing the usage of the Web site and the DCMI documentation, and give recommendations for improvement.

The public comment period for the revised version of the Abstract Model, the revised DCMI Namespace Policy and a proposal for a vocabulary of classes and their use as the domains and ranges has now finished after a lively discussion on the DC-Architecture list. The authors of the documents will be considering the comments received. Further announcements are expected in the next few months.

Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director, has published a new status report of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, covering the period September 2006 to March 2007. Read the report...

The DCMI Directorate is very pleased to announce that on 28 February 2007, a new version of the DCMI Conference Paper Repository has been installed at the National Library of Korea. The National Library of Korea, in co-operation with Sam Oh of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, have built a system to give public access to the papers of the conferences held in Florence (2002), Seattle (2003), Shanghai (2004) and Madrid (2005).

The Tutorials of the DC-2006 conference in Manzanillo are now available on the Metadata Training Resources page on the DCMI home page.

DCMI has published two Calls for Tender, one for Analysis of and Recommendations for DCMI Web site and one for User-oriented introductory material and training resources. The deadline for offers is 14 March 2007.