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DCMI News 2014

DCMI names Kai Eckert as Co-Chair of the Usage Board

2014-01-08, DCMI is pleased to announce the appointment of Kai Eckert as Co-Chair of the Usage Board. Kai currently serves as a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Research Group Data and Web Science at University of Mannheim. The Research Group conducts research on methods for managing, integrating and mining large-amounts of heterogeneous information within enterprise and open Web contexts. Most recently, Kai served as Co-Chair of DCMI's Metadata Provenance Task Group. The DCMI Usage Board serves as the arbiter of DCMI namespaces and other specifications. As part of a general restructuring of DCMI governance, the role of the Usage Board is being expanded beyond its current function in approving new proposals for DCMI specifications and proposed revisions to existing specifications to encompass all specification matters including namespace policy and future specification development. For more information regarding the Usage Board, see http://dublincore.org/usage/.

DC-2014 Call for Participation published

2014-01-08, The Call for Participation for DC-2014, to be hosted by the Texas Digital Library in Austin, Texas, 8-11 October 2014, has been published at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/cfp. The call solicits submissions for the peer-reviewed program of Full Papers, Project Reports, and Posters. Also included is a call for submissions for Special Sessions, Workshops and Best Practice Posters and Presentations. Deadline for submission to the peer reviewed program as well as Special Sessions and Workshops is 3 April 2014. Deadline for non-peer-reviewed Best Practice Posters and Presentations is 2 June 2014.

DCMI Regional Meeting: "Making Metadata Work", 23 June 2014, London

2014-02-28, A DCMI Regional Meeting will be held in London jointly with partners ISKO-UK and BCS/IRSG (aka the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization and the Information Retrieval Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute for IT, respectively) on Monday 23 June 2014. A workshop in the morning will address Vocabularies and the potential for linkage, including follow-up on some of the topics discussed in the Vocabulary Day at DC-2013. In parallel there will be a tutorial on Metadata Management in Sharepoint. The afternoon program will provide a showcase for metadata developments, such as exploitation of semantic media; metadata to enhance research workflow; applications of metadata in text search, image search and Linked Data; and the opportunities to enhance access to audio collections. To find out more, see full details and booking form at http://www.iskouk.org/events/metadata_June_2014.htm.

DCMI announces completion of governance restructuring

2014-03-19, DCMI is pleased to announce the completion of the restructuring of its governance and management. The first phase of the structuring was complete in June 2013 when DCMI ceased operations as a Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore and became a project of ASIS&T. The second phase of the restructuring began at the annual meeting of the Oversight and Advisory Boards at DC-2013 in Lisbon in September 2013. The primary goals of the restructuring were to first reduce the management overhead of the Initiative and second to broaden the base of governance with greater responsibilities in the work of the Initiative being assumed by the community through a new 3-board structure with standing committees. The restructuring also focused on achieving greater clarity in terms of the processes and goals of the Initiative in the generation of new specifications and metadata best practice resources. For more details of the restructuring, please see the Chair's Message at http://dublincore.org/news/chairMessage/.

Become a DC-2014 sponsor!

2014-04-16, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee for DC-2014 in Austin Texas in October are pleased to offer a limited number of sponsors the opportunity to present themselves directly to the conference participants and to a global audience beyond the conference venue. The sponsorship categories for DC-2014 range from provision of fellowship funding to support access to the conference and pre- and post-conference activities by recipients otherwise unable to attend to flash drives containing the open proceedings. Additional information regarding the categories of sponsorship and how to become a DC-2014 Sponsor can be found at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/2014-cfs.

Extension of DC-2014 "Call for Participation" to 17 May 2014

2014-04-16, The deadline for submission of full papers, project reports and posters to the peer reviewed program for DC-2014 in Austin, Texas has been extended by two weeks to 17 May 2014. In addition to submissions related to the conference theme —Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory, submissions are welcome on any topic addressing metadata models, technologies and applications. Submissions describing innovative best practices in metadata are welcome from practitioners as well as researchers and application developers. The "Call for Submissions" can be found at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/cfp

Inaugural chairs named to DCMI Advisory Board standing committees

2014-04-16, DCMI is pleased to announce the inaugural chairs of the Advisory Board's new standing committees. Ana Alice Baptista, University of Minho, Portugal, and Wei (Keven) Liu, Shanghai Library will serve as co-chairs of the Education & Outreach Committee. Muriel Foulonneau, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, and Emma Tonkin, King's College London will co-chair the Conferences & Meetings Committee. The inaugural chairs will shepherd their respective committees through refinement of the committee charges and formulation or working processes. For the full announcement of the new appointments, see Advisory Board Chair Marcia Zeng's message to the DCMI Community at http://dublincore.org/news/chairMessage/20140416/.

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