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DCMI News 2014

DCMI names Kai Eckert as Co-Chair of the Usage Board

2014-01-08, DCMI is pleased to announce the appointment of Kai Eckert as Co-Chair of the Usage Board. Kai currently serves as a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Research Group Data and Web Science at University of Mannheim. The Research Group conducts research on methods for managing, integrating and mining large-amounts of heterogeneous information within enterprise and open Web contexts. Most recently, Kai served as Co-Chair of DCMI's Metadata Provenance Task Group. The DCMI Usage Board serves as the arbiter of DCMI namespaces and other specifications. As part of a general restructuring of DCMI governance, the role of the Usage Board is being expanded beyond its current function in approving new proposals for DCMI specifications and proposed revisions to existing specifications to encompass all specification matters including namespace policy and future specification development. For more information regarding the Usage Board, see http://dublincore.org/usage/.

DC-2014 Call for Participation published

2014-01-08, The Call for Participation for DC-2014, to be hosted by the Texas Digital Library in Austin, Texas, 8-11 October 2014, has been published at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/cfp. The call solicits submissions for the peer-reviewed program of Full Papers, Project Reports, and Posters. Also included is a call for submissions for Special Sessions, Workshops and Best Practice Posters and Presentations. Deadline for submission to the peer reviewed program as well as Special Sessions and Workshops is 3 April 2014. Deadline for non-peer-reviewed Best Practice Posters and Presentations is 2 June 2014.

DCMI Regional Meeting: "Making Metadata Work", 23 June 2014, London

2014-02-28, A DCMI Regional Meeting will be held in London jointly with partners ISKO-UK and BCS/IRSG (aka the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization and the Information Retrieval Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute for IT, respectively) on Monday 23 June 2014. A workshop in the morning will address Vocabularies and the potential for linkage, including follow-up on some of the topics discussed in the Vocabulary Day at DC-2013. In parallel there will be a tutorial on Metadata Management in Sharepoint. The afternoon program will provide a showcase for metadata developments, such as exploitation of semantic media; metadata to enhance research workflow; applications of metadata in text search, image search and Linked Data; and the opportunities to enhance access to audio collections. To find out more, see full details and booking form at http://www.iskouk.org/events/metadata_June_2014.htm.

DCMI announces completion of governance restructuring

2014-03-19, DCMI is pleased to announce the completion of the restructuring of its governance and management. The first phase of the structuring was complete in June 2013 when DCMI ceased operations as a Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore and became a project of ASIS&T. The second phase of the restructuring began at the annual meeting of the Oversight and Advisory Boards at DC-2013 in Lisbon in September 2013. The primary goals of the restructuring were to first reduce the management overhead of the Initiative and second to broaden the base of governance with greater responsibilities in the work of the Initiative being assumed by the community through a new 3-board structure with standing committees. The restructuring also focused on achieving greater clarity in terms of the processes and goals of the Initiative in the generation of new specifications and metadata best practice resources. For more details of the restructuring, please see the Chair's Message at http://dublincore.org/news/chairMessage/.

Become a DC-2014 sponsor!

2014-04-16, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee for DC-2014 in Austin Texas in October are pleased to offer a limited number of sponsors the opportunity to present themselves directly to the conference participants and to a global audience beyond the conference venue. The sponsorship categories for DC-2014 range from provision of fellowship funding to support access to the conference and pre- and post-conference activities by recipients otherwise unable to attend to flash drives containing the open proceedings. Additional information regarding the categories of sponsorship and how to become a DC-2014 Sponsor can be found at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/2014-cfs.

Extension of DC-2014 "Call for Participation" to 17 May 2014

2014-04-16, The deadline for submission of full papers, project reports and posters to the peer reviewed program for DC-2014 in Austin, Texas has been extended by two weeks to 17 May 2014. In addition to submissions related to the conference theme —Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory, submissions are welcome on any topic addressing metadata models, technologies and applications. Submissions describing innovative best practices in metadata are welcome from practitioners as well as researchers and application developers. The "Call for Submissions" can be found at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/cfp

Inaugural chairs named to DCMI Advisory Board standing committees

2014-04-16, DCMI is pleased to announce the inaugural chairs of the Advisory Board's new standing committees. Ana Alice Baptista, University of Minho, Portugal, and Wei (Keven) Liu, Shanghai Library will serve as co-chairs of the Education & Outreach Committee. Muriel Foulonneau, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, and Emma Tonkin, King's College London will co-chair the Conferences & Meetings Committee. The inaugural chairs will shepherd their respective committees through refinement of the committee charges and formulation or working processes. For the full announcement of the new appointments, see Advisory Board Chair Marcia Zeng's message to the DCMI Community at http://dublincore.org/news/chairMessage/20140416/.

DCMI/ASIS&T Webinar: How to pick the low hanging fruits of Linked Data

2014-05-14, DCMI and ASIS&T will present a joint webinar titled "How to pick the low hanging fruits of Linked Data" on Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 10:00am EDT (World Clock: 14:00 UTC http://bit.ly/1qLSeq1). The presenters are Seth Van Hooland and Ruben Verborgh. Online registration is open at http://bit.ly/1kwVMai and free for DCMI Individual Members and US$20 for non-members. The concept of Linked Data has gained momentum over the past few years, but the understanding and the application of its principles often remain problematic. This webinar offers a short critical introduction to Linked Data by positioning this approach within the global evolution of data modeling, allowing an understanding of the advantages but also of the limits of RDF. After this conceptual introduction, the fundamental importance of data quality in the context of Linked Data is underlined by applying data profiling techniques with the help of OpenRefine. Methods and tools for metadata reconciliation and enrichment, such as Named-Entity Recognition (NER), are illustrated with the help of the same software. This webinar will refer to case-studies with real-life data which can be re-used by participants to continue to explore OpenRefine at their own pace after the webinar. The case-studies have been developed in the context of the handbook "Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums", which will be published by Facet Publishing in June 2014.

Valentine Charles and Stuart Sutton named by DCMI to co-chair Community Specifications Committee

2014-05-14, The Governing Board of DCMI is pleased to announce the appointment of Valentine Charles and Stuart Sutton as co-chairs of the new Community Specifications Committee (CSC). Valentine currently serves as a Research and Development Coordinator with Europeana. Stuart is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the Information School of the University of Washington and Managing Director of DCMI. The CSC is a new committee that functions under DCMI's Technical Board and is charged with supporting the stakeholder community, working with DCMI Communities and Task Groups as well as appropriate DCMI members and stakeholder organizations in the development of new specifications and vocabularies and their publication as DCMI Community Specifications. In addition, the Committee is responsible for managing the criteria and process for designation of third-party resources as a DCMI Community Resources. More information about Valentine and Stuart can be found on the Technical Board's page at http://dublincore.org/about/technicalBoard/

DCMI creates RDF application profile Task Group

2014-06-18, The new DCMI Technical Board has created a one year Task Group to address development of definitions and best practices for RDF application profiles and to closely liaise with other organizations engaged in addressing similar issues including W3C. The Group will report to the Community Specifications Committee and be co-chaired by Antoine Isaac and Karen Coyle with editorial assistance from Evelyn Dröge and Thomas Bosch. The Task Group charter, statement of work and a listing of current participants can be found on the Group's wiki at http://wiki.dublincore.org/index.php/RDF_Application_Profiles. Others interested in participating should contact the Task Group chairs.

DCMI invites sponsors of Next Generation Metadata Specialists

2014-06-18, At DC-2014, DCMI will convene a group of graduate students, particularly master's in professional programs, and early career professionals as part of DCMI's efforts to support the next generation of metadata specialists in developing their knowledge, skills, and mastery of best practices. In addition to engaging in 1-on-1 and group interactions with leading researchers, consultants, and practitioners shaping the metadata ecosystem, there will be a Special Session designed specifically for them where they will gain an understanding of how the discourse and practice of metadata is evolving and how today's innovations are changing for better metadata modeling, design, and implementation. The students' schools and employing institutions sponsor attendance, establish their own criteria for selection, and determine the level of support to be provided. For more information, go to the DC-2014 conference page for the Next General Metadata Specialists Program at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/index.php/IntConf/index/pages/view/nextGen.

Final alert: DCMI Regional Meetings on June 20th and 23rd

2014-06-18, Two DCMI Regional Meetings are happening very soon. On June 20th, the Shanghai Library hosts a seminar titled "Digital Humanities and Semantic Technologies". This meeting is the first DCMI Regional Meeting in China. The meeting is a partnership of DCMI, the Shanghai Library, and the Shanghai Society for Library Science. Full information and a link to the official website can be found at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/BibData/APShanghai. On June 23rd, the partnership of DCMI, ISKO-UK and IRSG hold a DCMI Regional Meeting in London titled "Making Metadata Work". Full information and a link to the official website can be found at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/BibData/mmw.

Registration for DC-2014 now open!

2014-07-01, Online registration for DC-2014 is now open at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/register. The conference and DCMI Annual Meeting is scheduled for 8-11 October in Austin, Texas. This year's theme is "Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory". Metadata is fundamental in enabling ubiquitous access to cultural and scientific resources through galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM). While fundamental, GLAM traditions in documentation and organization lead to significant differences in both their languages of description and domain practices. DC-2014 will explore the role of metadata in spanning the archipelago of siloed cultural memory in an emerging context of linked access to data repositories as well as repositories of cultural artifacts. More information about the conference can be found at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014.

"Fonds & Bonds" DC-2014 pre-conference full day archives workshop

2014-07-01, "Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools and Identity Management" is a full-day pre-conference workshop at DC-2014 on archival metadata, tools, and standards. The workshop is being hosted by and at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin and will feature top experts in the archives field. The program includes presentations on archival data in leading discovery services (e.g., Europeana), an update on revisions in process to EAD, the latest on tools popular with working archivists including ArchivesSpace, RAMP, and xEAC, and leading developments addressing archives-related identities (Find & Connect, ISNI, SNAC). More information on the workshop can be found at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/2014-archives.

DC-2014 special session: "Fonds & Bonds" archival metadata workshop

2014-07-22, DCMI, the Texas Digital Library and the Harry Ransom Center are pleased to announce this DC-2014 special pre-conference event that will bring together experts and practitioners to explore archival description in the cultural heritage descriptive landscape and the emergence of authority files/identity description as an opportunity for cultural heritage cross-community collaboration. In addition, this day-long workshop to be held at the Harry Ransom Center on the University of Texas at Austin campus will provide attendees with the latest information on key metadata editing and management tools used by the working archivist. You will not want to miss "Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools, and Identity Management." Space for this special event is limited, so register now for DC-2014 at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/register.

DC-2014 post-conference workshop: "Training the Trainers of Linked Data"

2014-07-22, DCMI and the Texas Digital Library invite you to register for this day-long, hands-on "Training the Trainers of Linked Data" post-conference workshop to be held on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Linked Data has gained momentum, and practitioners are eager to use its principles to derive more value from metadata. Available handbooks and training materials focus on an audience with a computer science background. However, people with a non-technical education find it hard to understand what Linked Data can mean for them. This full-day, hands-on workshop will provide an overview of methods and case studies from the handbook "Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums" (2014, ALA/Neal-Schuman). Using freely available tools and data, this workshop will teach you how to clean, reconcile, enrich, and publish your metadata. Participants will learn about concepts, methods, and tools that they can use on their own, or to teach others within their own institutions, to get more value from metadata. Space for this special event is limited, so register now for DC-2014 at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014/register.

Paul Walk of EDINA appointed Independent Member of the DCMI Governing Board

2014-07-22, DCMI is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Walk to DCMI's Governing Board for a three year term. In 2013, Paul joined EDINA, University of Edinburgh, as Head of Technology Strategy and Planning, an exciting role which has placed him back into a service development and delivery environment -- albeit one operating at a national as well as an institutional scale. Paul has been an active participant in DCMI work for a number of years. While at UKOLN at the University of Bath where, for seven years, he served the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and then its successor, Jisc, as a strategic technical advisor, with a focus in the areas of information standards development, resource discovery and digital infrastructure. Paul brings a strong set of management and process skills that will be essential as we move forward with our new organization structure, and will be a welcome asset to the Board.

Preliminary Program published for DC-2014

2014-08-13, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee of DC-2014 in Austin, Texas has published the preliminary program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/program14. The conference on Thursday and Friday, 9-10 October, features keynote speaker, Eric Miller, paper sessions, project reports, posters (including best practice posters and demonstrations), and an array of special sessions. Wednesday and Saturday pre- and post-conference events include tutorials and workshops: Training the Trainers for Linked Data, RDF Validation in the Cultural Heritage Community, Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools, and Identity Management, and Positioning DCMI & Dublin Core in the Metadata Ecosystem. Special Session sponsors include the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA),OCLC & Yandex, Library of Congress, the Harry Ransom Center and the DCMI Technical Board. Registration is now open at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/registration-2014. Day registrations are available.

Final Program published for DC-2014

2014-08-29, The Texas Digital Library and the Conference Committee of DC-2014 in Austin, Texas on 8-11 October have published the final program of the DCMI International Conference at http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/program14. Join us in Austin for an exciting agenda including 46 papers, project reports and best practice posters and presentations. Parallel with the peer reviewed program is an array of special sessions of panels and discussions on key metadata issues, challenges and new opportunities. Pre- and post-conference workshops and tutorials round out the program by providing 1/2 day to full day instruction. Every year the DCMI community gathers for both its Annual Meeting and its International Conference on Dublin Core & Metadata Applications. The work agenda of the DCMI community is broad and inclusive of all aspects of innovation in metadata design, implementation and best practices. While the work of the Initiative progresses throughout the year, the Annual Meeting and Conference provide the opportunity for DCMI "citizens" as well as students and early career professionals studying and practicing the dark arts of metadata to gather face-to-face to share experiences. In addition, the gathering provides public- and private-sector initiatives beyond DCMI engaged in significant metadata work to come together to compare notes and cast a broader light into their particular metadata domain silos. Through such a gathering of the metadata "clans", DCMI advances its "first goal" of promoting metadata interoperability and harmonization. Visit the DC-2014 conference website at http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2014 for additional information and to register. It is a meeting you will not want to miss.

Simmons College and Infocom Corporation renew organizational memberships

2014-10-01, DCMI is very pleased to announce the renewal of two of its organizational members for the coming year. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston, USA, has renewed as an Institutional Member and Infocom Corporation of Japan has renewed as a Supporting Member. The DCMI Supporting Member Program is open to all private sector companies that want to support DCMI financially in continuing its work to the benefit of a healthy metadata ecosystem. The Institutional Member Program is open to all public sector organizations interested in supporting DCMI while participating actively in DCMI governance. Please see the membership page at http://dublincore.org/support/ for more details about DCMI's membership programs.

Stewardship of LRMI specification transferred to DCMI

2014-10-24, After lengthy deliberations, the leadership of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) has determined that the stewardship of the LRMI 1.1 specification, as well management of future LRMI development, will be passed to DCMI and its long-standing Education Community. The LRMI specification on which schema.org educational properties and classes are based was created by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and Creative Commons (CC) with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The three-phased development cycle of the LRMI 1.1 specification included closing processes for the orderly passing of stewardship to a recognized organization in the metadata sector with commitments to transparency and community involvement. Stewardship of the LRMI specification within DCMI will be a function of a DCMI/LRMI Task Group. The LRMI specification as well as links to the Task Group and community communications channels can be found on the DCMI website at http://dublincore.org/dcx/lrmi-terms/. For the full announcement of the transfer, see the AEP press release at http://www.lrmi.net/lrmi-transfers-stewardship.

Tutorials, presentations and proceedings of DC-2014 published

2014-10-24, Over 236 people from 17 countries attended DC-2014 in Austin, Texas from 8 through 11 October 2014. Pre- and post-Conference tutorials and workshops were presented in the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and at the Harry Ransom Center with 90 people attending in each of the two venues on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Over 190 people attended the 2-day conference. Presentation slides of the keynote by Eric Miller of Zepheira LLC as well as presentations from the special sessions and the tutorials/workshops are available online at the conference website at http://bit.ly/dc2014-presentations. The full text of the peer reviewed papers, project reports, extended poster abstracts and poster images are also available. Additional assets from the conference will be added to the online proceedings as they become available over the next few weeks.

DCMI/ASIS&T Webinar - The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, describing learning resources with schema.org, and more?

2014-10-24, The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a collaborative initiative that aims to make it easier for teachers and learners to find educational materials through major search engines and specialized resource discovery services. The approach taken by LRMI is to extend the schema.org ontology so that educationally significant characteristics and relationships can be expressed. In this webinar, Phil Barker and Lorna M. Campbell of Cetis will introduce schema.org and present the background to LRMI, its aims and objectives, and who is involved in achieving them. The webinar will outline the technical aspects of the LRMI specification, describe some example implementations and demonstrate how the discoverability of learning resources may be enhanced. Phil and Lorna will present the latest developments in LRMI implementation, drawing on an analysis of its use by a range of open educational resource repositories and aggregators, and will report on the potential of LRMI to enhance education search and discovery services. Whereas the development of LRMI has been inspired by schema.org, the webinar will also include discussion of whether LRMI has applications beyond those of schema.org. Registration at http://bit.ly/dcmiWebinar-LRMI. The webinar is free to DCMI Individual & Organizational Members, to ASIS&T Members, and at modest fee to non-members.

DCMI's first Governing Board officer transition

2014-10-24, In the closing ceremony of DC-2014, DCMI exercised the first Governing Board officer transition under the Initiative's new governance structure. Michael Crandall stepped into the role of Immediate Past Chair as Eric Childress assumed the roles of Chair of DCMI and the Governing Board. Joseph Tennis became the new Chair Elect of the Board and will succeed as Chair at DC-2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. Information about the new DCMI governance structure can be found in the DCMI Handbook at http://wiki.dublincore.org/index.php/DCMI_Handbook/orgStructure

DCMI joins as inaugural member of DLMA

2014-11-28, DCMI, along with IMS Global) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), announce the formation of the Digital Learning Metadata Alliance (DLMA). The DLMA will focus on coordination of adoption and development of existing metadata standards in support of digital learning and education. For more information about DLMA, visit http://dlma.org and read the IMS Global press release at http://www.imsglobal.org/pressreleases/IMSPR20141024.pdf.

DCMI invites public comment on draft LRMI in RDF

2014-11-28, DCMI invites public comment on a draft RDF specification for LRMI version 1.1. The draft RDF specification can be found at http://dublincore.org/dcx/lrmi-terms/drafts/2014-11-30/. The one month public comment period is from 1 December 2014 through 31 December 2014. The RDF specification is intended to embody the current Learning Resource Metadata Initiative version 1.1 term declarations at http://dublincore.org/dcx/lrmi-terms/.

DCMI/ASIST Webinar: The Libhub Initiative: Increasing the Web Visibility of Libraries

2014-12-10, In this webinar, Eric Miller, President of Zepheira, will talk about the transition libraries must make to achieve Web visibility, explain recent trends that support these efforts, and introduce the Libhub Initiative -- an active exploration of what can happen when libraries begin to speak the language of the Web. As a founding sponsor, Zepheira's introduction of the Libhub Initiative creates an industry-wide focus on the collective visibility of libraries and their resources on the Web. Libraries and memory organizations have rich content and resources that the Web can not see or use. The Libhub Initiative aims to find common ground for libraries, providers, and partners to publish and use data with non-proprietary, web standards. Libraries can then communicate in a way Web applications understand and Web users can see through the use of enabling technology like Linked Data and shared vocabularies such as schema.org and BIBFRAME. The Libhub Initiative uniquely prioritizes the linking of these newly exposed library resources to each other and to other resources across the Web, a critical requirement of increased Web visibility. Additional information about the webinar and and registration can be found at http://dublincore.org/resources/training/#2014miller.

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