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DCMI Call for Tender 2007-03: Wiki format for application profiles convertible into XML

In May 2007, the DCMI Directorate awarded a contract to Mikael Nilsson (Knowmania HB, Sweden) to draft a specification modeling a Description Set Profile -- the core component of an Application Profile -- as a set of application-specific constraints on the use of components of the DCMI Abstract Model. A Description Set Profile (DSP) consists of "templates" corresponding to entities of the DCMI Abstract Model -- specifically, of Description Set Templates (corresponding to Description Sets), Description Templates (for Descriptions), and Statement Templates (for Statements). Templates define constraints on the entities in the DCMI Abstract Model as they are used for creating and interpreting instance metadata in a specific application.

A first draft of the specification DCMI Description Set Profile forms the basis for this Call for Tender. The tasks for which this Call for Tender has been issued are to create, test, and document: 1) a structured format for expressing a Description Set Profile as a wiki page (or set of wiki pages), and 2) a script for transforming this format into an XML representation. Specifically, the wiki format must be capable of expressing the Eprints Application Profile and must support a transformation of the format into an XML representation described in the draft document DCMI Description Set Profile.

Applications in response to this call should be submitted in the form of an email message, with relevant Web links, to tbaker@tbaker.de by 25 May 2007 (Subject: "DCMI Call for Tender 2007-03"). Contractors will complete the assignments on the basis of a work contract to be signed with DCMI.

Terms of Reference


DCMI has identified a need for tools with which profile developers can both describe their profiles human-readably as Web documents and as machine-processable representations that are directly usable in applications. Wikis have proven to be useful as tools for authoring shared documents, so DCMI is now focusing on the process of representing the content of a structured wiki document in a machine-readable format.

The work item described in this Call for Tender involves the creation of wiki format for Description Set Profiles -- the central component of a Dublin Core Application Profile -- that is convertible directly into a machine-processable representation of the same, and the creation of scripts to make this conversion. The objective is to offer application profile authors a structured authoring environment for application profiles that is directly transformable into an actionable representation.

Description of work

The contractor should do the following:

  1. Design a MoinMoin wiki format for Dublin Core Application Profiles which both renders the profile readibly in HTML and is structured in such a way that it can be automatically converted by script into an XML format.
  2. Design and build a tool for transforming the bespoke wiki document of an application profile into an XML representation of the same.
  3. Test the tool on parts of the Eprints Application Profile.
  4. Provide technical support to the maintainers of the Eprints Application Profile at UKOLN for converting the profile into XML as a test case of the wiki format, and to debug the results.
  5. Create technical documentation for the wiki format (i.e., description of all wiki-document components and their equivalents in the XML representation).
Expertise needed The contractor must have:
  • in-depth knowledge of relevant technologies (document formats, conversion tools, XML formats)
  • proven ability to write documentation for a technical audience in a clear and well-structured manner

All deliverables to be presented in English.

  1. June 15: Draft wiki format -- usable for an initial conversion of the Eprints profile into XML.
  2. June 30 (in collaboration with Eprints maintainers): Eprints profile converted into wiki format.
  3. June 30: Tool for converting bespoke wiki document into XML.
  4. Aug 12: Final, tested wiki format and conversion tool with basic user-oriented documentation.
Start date 1 June 2007
End date 12 August 2007


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