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DCMI Call for Tender 2008-01: Guidelines for implementing application profiles

The legacy document "Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines" needs to be replaced with a set of restructured, user-friendly guidelines in light of developments over the past two years.

This contracted work item will be tracked by the DCMI Director, Documentation and Specifications. A contract will be signed on behalf of DCMI by OCLC, Inc., in Dublin, Ohio, USA.

Applications in response to this call should be submitted in the form of an e-mail message containing a proposal for the overall approach and a financial offer to Thomas Baker. The proposal should be accompanied by a list of references and Web links to previous work or examples of best-practices. The deadline for submission is 29 February 2008.

Terms of Reference

Background Recent developments on "Dublin Core application profiles" include: In accordance with the "Singapore Framework", an Application Profile is now taken to refer to a packet of documentation which, in addition to the Description Set Profile per se, also covers functional requirements, underlying domain models, and syntax guidance. The new document should provide a one-stop overview of all relevant topics and issues.
Description of work The contractor should undertake the following activities:
  1. Draft outline of the deliverable, taking a rough outline from the DCMI Usage Board as a starting point [11].
  2. Draft "Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines" taking into account the documents cited above. The document should explain the rationale for and use of application profiles, summarize existing work, and walk the user through the steps of defining requirements, building consensus, specifying a domain model and description set profile, and declaring new terms as needed. Using the Collections and Eprints profiles as sources, the document should point to examples, annotating a dozen or so statement templates. The document should provide some very minimal guidelines on declaring new metadata terms (pointing to external guidance documents as appropriate) and on DCMI syntax guidelines.
  3. Engage with the DCMI Usage Board in a cycle of reviews in June 2008, taking into account any comments received in the final deliverable.
  4. An appendix to the Guidelines should provide basic guidance on the use of the wiki syntax for application profiles.
Expertise needed The contractor must have:
  1. Advanced knowledge and understanding of RDF-based modeling.
  2. Excellent writing and communication skills in English.

All deliverables to be presented in English

  1. Outline "Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines"
  2. Draft "Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines" for discussion with the Usage Board.
  3. Final deliverable, with appendix on the use of wiki syntax.

Deliverables are to be submitted in draft form for discussion with the DCMI Usage Board. After such discussion, deliverables are to be submitted in final form, taking into account comments made during the review, for formal acceptance by the Managing Director.

Call for Tender 18 February 2008
Deadline for Submissions 29 February 2008
Award of Contract 10 March 2008
Start of Work 17 March 2008
Deliverable 1 28 March 2008
Deliverable 2 2 May 2008
Deliverable 3 15 June 2008


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