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DCMI Call for Tender 2008-02: Promotional materials for Affiliates and sponsors

In the context of the funding approaches being developed by the DCMI Board of Trustees, which have a focus on retaining current Affiliates and recruiting new Affiliates and sponsors, a set of promotional materials needs to be developed to highlight the benefits of the various types of partnerships.

This contracted work item will be tracked by the DCMI Managing Director. A contract will be signed on behalf of DCMI by OCLC, Inc., in Dublin, Ohio, USA.

Applications in response to this call should be submitted in the form of an e-mail message containing a proposal for the overall approach and a financial offer to Makx Dekkers, Managing Director of DCMI. The proposal should be accompanied by a list of references and Web links to previous work. The deadline for submission is 29 February 2008.

Terms of Reference

Background The starting point of this work is a set of draft messages and outline of possible benefits developed by the DCMI Directorate in consultation with the DCMI Board of Trustees that will be made available to the contractor at the start of the contract.
Description of work The contractor should undertake the following activities:
  1. Establishing a work plan with activities, dates and resources.
  2. Reviewing the draft messages and outline of possible benefits, including strengthening the central message on benefits of Dublin Core for interoperability.
  3. Translating the draft messages and benefits into appealing language for public sector organizations (Affiliates) and commercial organizations (sponsors).
  4. Developing a Web-based format to be included in the DCMI Web site to communicate these messages to the intended audiences with the technical and lay-out constraints of the DCMI Web site.
  5. Drafting an announcement for distribution among targeted audiences.
  6. Advising the DCMI Directorate on possible distribution channels to reach the audiences in the public and private sector.
Expertise needed The contractor must have:
  • Successful experience in developing high-quality and high-impact marketing and promotional materials for non-profit organizations, preferably in the area of Web-related standardization efforts.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.

All deliverables to be presented in English

  1. A document (PDF) specifying the approach.
  2. A document (PDF) with a review of the draft messages and a proposal for the messages to be used for (a) the Affiliate Program and (b) a sponsorship program that is currently under development.
  3. A design (HTML) of the Web pages with the agreed message to be included in the DCMI Web site
  4. Two draft announcements (plain text) of the materials to the intended audiences and a list of potential distribution channels for the two messages.

Deliverables are to be submitted in draft form for discussion within the DCMI Board of Trustees. After such discussion, deliverables are to be submitted in final form, taking into account comments made during the review, for formal acceptance by the Managing Director.

Call for Tender 18 February 2008
Deadline for Submissions 29 February 2008
Award of Contract 10 March 2008
Start of Work 17 March 2008
Deliverable 1 28 March 2008
Deliverable 2 2 May 2008
Deliverable 3 30 May 2008
Deliverable 4 15 June 2008


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