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Title:            Decision on proposal for new term "holdingLocation"
Shepherd:         Rebecca Guenther
Identifier:       http://dublincore.org/usage/decisions/2002/2002-02.holdingLocation.shtml
Date:             2002-07-13
Description:      The decision documented here refers to a proposal
                  considered at the Usage Board meeting of May 2002
                  in Bath.  This document is pointed to from
                  the official list of Usage Board Decisions [1].

Text of proposal: http://dublincore.org/usage/meetings/2002/05/holding-location_prop.html

Decision: The Usage Board recommends using the
element "location" from the MODS namespace,

Reason: The element is available in another namespace and
is clearly relevant both across domains and to resource
discovery.  Since the element is defined in another
namespace with the same semantics as proposed, this will
satisfy the needs for DC-Libraries Application Profile.
The element "location" in MODS complies in a general way
with Dublin Core principles and does not conflict with other
DC terms.  This decision is supported by the decision tree
condition #2 in Section 5.5 of the Usage Board Process (see

Comments: The MODS term is equivalent to the MARC field 852
(Location) ($a,$b,$j,$e).  A possible overlap of this element
to an existing AGLS element ("Availability") was noted (See
AGLS has not submitted a formal proposal to the Usage Board to
define this element, and its relationship with "Availability"
could be considered further at such time.

[1] http://dublincore.org/usage/decisions/#Decision-2002-02

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