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DCMI Usage Board Documentation

Title: DCMI Usage Board documentation
Creator: DCMI Usage Board
Date modified: 2003-06-11
Description: This page, periodically updated, provides annotated links
                     to process and policy documentation produced by or relevant
                     to the DCMI Usage Board. Documentation of DCMI metadata
                     terms -- the DCMI Type Vocabulary, the Dublin Core Metadata
                     Element Set version 1.1, plus all elements and qualifiers
                     approved since DCMES 1.1 -- is in the process of being
                     significantly overhauled and will be available at

== DCMI Usage Board Mission and Policies

Version history: 2003-06-11: 2002-07-13: 2001-06-28: 2001-06-12: 2001-05-07:

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== DCMI Grammatical Principles

This description complements that of the DCMI Namespace Policy (see below), which also defines terms of reference.

Version history: 2003-02-07: 2002-10-29: 2002-10-06:

== Usage Board Administrative Process

Version history: 2003-02-07: 2002-10-04: 2002-09-16: 2002-03-18: 2001-12-22: 2001-12-08: 2001-12-01: 2001-11-05: 2001-06-27: 2001-06-12: 2001-05-02:

== Procedure for Approval of DCMI Metadata Terms and Recommendations

This document complements the Usage Board Administrative Process (above) by providing a table and diagram summarizing the administrative steps for moving proposals.

Version history: 2001-06-27:

== DCMI Usage Board Review of Application Profiles

This document defines the term "Application Profile" in the context of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and outlines the criteria by which the DCMI Usage Board can review an Application Profile and assign to it a status.

Version history:

== Namespace Policy for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

An XML namespace is a collection of names, identified by a URI reference, that are used in XML documents as element types and attribute names. The use of XML namespaces to uniquely identify metadata terms allows those terms to be unambiguously used across applications, promoting the possibility of shared semantics. DCMI adopts this mechanism for the identification of all DCMI terms. This document specifies the conventions used for identifying current and future DCMI namespaces. All DCMI recommendations that make use of namespaces will conform to this recommendation.

Version history: 2001-10-26: 2001-09-17: 2001-03-09:

== DCMI Publication Policy

This document provides an overview of the types of publications produced by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, with a summary of persistence policies and copyright.

Version history: 2001-07-03:

== Guidelines for Registration of Vocabulary and Encoding Scheme Qualifiers

Version history: 2003-05-15: 2002-12-02: 2002-02-13: 2001-10-08: 2001-05-01:

== DCMI Usage Board mailing-list discussion

Membership in the mailing list is limited to members of the Usage Board, however all postings to this list are publicly accessible, with a lag of several hours, at the JISCMAIL Web site.