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DCMI Usage Board - Approval Process


Procedure for approval of DCMI Metadata Terms and Recommendations

Makx Dekkers,
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This document lists the step by step process for the approval of DCMI metadata terms and recommendations.


Step Event Action Result
Open issue is identified by the community and raised on a Working Group mailing list Working Group (WG) Chair creates an Open Issue Item and adds it to WG Open issue list Open Issue list change
Discussion on Working Group mailing list leads to proposal(s) for solution and identification of responsible authors/editorial team WG Chair adds the deliverable to the WG Task List, including authors/editorial team responsible for the document and a target delivery date WG Task list change
Authors/editorial team finalize draft document Authors/editorial team (in consultation with WG Chair) post message to WG and link document from WG pages DCMI Working Draft
WG Discussion WG Chair manages the discussion and iterative review and coordinates revision of proposal with the authors/editorial team DCMI Working Draft (revisions)
Consensus reached in WG WG Chair summarizes consensus and posts last call to DC-General DCMI Working Draft (final)
Resolution of all comments WG Chair submits to Managing Director DCMI WG Proposal
DCMI Managing Director receives DCMI WG Proposal DCMI Managing Director assigns WG Proposal to review team (Usage Board if related to Metadata Term Semantics or (subset of) Advisory Board plus external reviewers otherwise). Proposal editor needs to be closely involved in the review process Review team established
Review starts Review team chair assigns a shepherd to the proposal DCMI WG Proposal Review in process
Review team discussion Proposal shepherd manages the discussion in the review team Review Team discussion results
DCMI Managing Director and Review Team Chair evaluate Review Team discussion results Consensus reached Proposal becomes a DCMI Proposed Recommendation
No consensus Proposal is referred back to the WG
Proposal shepherd posts DCMI Proposed Recommendation to DC-General for Public Comment and implementers experience Proposal shepherd manages Public Comment Period Public comment responses
Public comment period finishes Review team evaluates Proposal and Public Comment results according to established guidelines and criteria and recommend approval or rejection with cause Recommendation for approval or rejection to DCMI Managing Director
DCMI Directorate, in consultation with WG Chair, review team and others, and taking into account the results of Public Comment, decides on outcome of process and makes public announcement Proposal accepted DCMI Recommendation
Proposal rejected Special action

1 Repeating Step
2 In case of Usage Board, these steps are skipped: Metadata Term proposals are announced for public comment without prior evaluation by the Usage board, other than completeness check by the Managing Director and Usage Board Chair.


A graphic picture of the approval process