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DCMI Publication Policy

Stuart Weibel,
Makx Dekkers,
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The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is committed to maintaining open documentation of its activities, processes, and products by publication on the DCMI Website. The general policy of DCMI is to make publicly available documentation of activities and deliverables except where privacy considerations intervene.

Table of Contents

I. General Considerations

II. Typology of DCMI Resources

III. Persistence Policy

IV. Copyright and Disclaimers


The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative DCMI is committed to maintaining open documentation of its activities, processes, and products by publication on the DCMI Website. The general policy of DCMI is to make publicly available documentation of activities and deliverables except where privacy considerations intervene.


A. DCMI Website

The DCMI Website is the official repository of specifications, documents, announcements, and other resources (including machine-readable schemas) supported by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. While DCMI resources may exist in original form or as mirrored resources at other sites, the DCMI Website is the authoritative location for all DCMI source material. Notable exceptions to this rule are the namespace URIs which live under (see the DCMI namespace policy for details).

The DCMI Directorate is responsible for the quality of the contents of the DCMI Website and its maintenance.
Authorized mirror sites for the DCMI Website are maintained at other locations by agreement with and in cooperation with DCMI. All authorized mirror sites are indicated on the home page of the DCMI Website.

DCMI welcomes and encourages other sites to link to the DCMI Website. A standard logo for this is provided on the DCMI Web site.

B. DCMI Documents

DCMI Documents include a broad array of information resources that fall into seven categories. This typology, and general policy concerning each, is identified below:


This category contains all reference descriptions of all elements, qualifiers and other vocabulary items under authority of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Under this category, users will be able to get an up-to-the-minute listing of all terms, their definitions and status.

Ideally, the DCMI Registry (once it is running reliably) would generate such a list on the fly. Until that is the case, the requirement of one-click access to a complete list of current terms will be met by providing an ad-hoc Web document merging DCMES 1.1 with the Qualifiers and the May 2001 elements and keeping that document up-to-date as new items are added -- a hand-edited Web document of the DC namespace.

This category falls under the responsibility of the DCMI Usage Board and is managed according to the process rules as established by the Usage Board. The procedure for approval of DCMI Metadata Term Semantics is described in the process document of the Usage Board and included in Appendix 1.


These are official and stable results of the DCMI that are not directly related to the semantics of the element set and vocabularies, including infrastructure and architecture specifications (e.g. namespace policy, encoding specifications)


­ DCMI Recommendations
­ DCMI Proposed Recommendations
­ DCMI Change Notices

Common characteristics for these resources are that they have been written by DCMI participants, and have gone through a formal review mechanism so they are dependable resources. They will all physically be on the DCMI Website.

Major issues in this category of resources are consistency, quality, versioning, and persistence. The procedure for approval of DCMI Recommendations is attached as Appendix 1.


Here one finds the work that is under development.


­ A central deliverable list with status and schedule, and a pointer to the responsible working group
­ A list of documents that are in public review
­ Working group pages
­ Working papers in Working groups

The main difference with category 1 is that these resources are not submitted for review, but contain items (such as deliverables in working groups) that are being developed with the intention to move to category 1. All of these resources will physically reside on the DCMI Website, with the exception of working drafts that may be hosted by the editor.

In this category we are concerned with the consensus process and with the formal development process.


Here one would find anything that relates to the 'how-to' of the Dublin Core Specifications.

Subcategories e.g.:

­ Guidelines (clarifications, specific user guides, tutorials, FAQ)
­ Informational material (notes, best practice examples, articles)

These can be documents or PowerPoint presentations or interactive resources (e.g. for tutorials). Not all of these need to be hosted on the DCMI Website.

In fact, some of these results could also go through a review. In practice, they will be the work of small groups of people and are not as dependent on a consensus process as category 2.


In this category are all physical meetings and appearances.

­ Annual workshops
­ Working group meetings
­ Reports of meetings and conference calls
­ Announcements of talks

These could be hosted by others (workshop and meeting organizers, links to other conferences where official presentations of the DCMI take place).

Records of DCMI events will typically be made available through the DCMI Website as part of the archival history of the initiative or a given working group. It is the responsibility of Working Group Chairs to record notes of DCMI events such as working group meetings or conference calls.


These are all the resources that relate to organizational issues of DCMI.


­ Organigram
­ Process documents
­ Summary of work structure
­ Policy documents
­ Progress reports
­ MoUs
­ Press releases

Common characteristic is that all these documents are prepared by or under direct responsibility of the DCMI directorate, and are all hosted on the DCMI Website


Here all sorts of DCMI-related material are brought together.

Subcategories e.g.:

­ Implementations and projects
­ Tools and systems

Common characteristic is that these are mostly links to other sites and are mostly 'for information'. Anyone can submit candidates to dcmi-feedback or otherwise.


DCMI recognizes that people and applications depend on the persistence of formal documents and machine-readable schemas made available on the DCMI Website and through the DCMI metadata registry. The Dublin Core Metadata pledges that as far as they are able, formal documents as defined in this policy document will continue to be available throughout the life of the DCMI. Where a persistent resource is modified, a change history will be archived.

In the event that DCMI is disbanded, then any organization will be granted the right to make a copy of all public persistent DCMI resources, so long as (1) they are not modified, (2) are preserved in their entirety and (3) are made available to others free of charge. The namespace URIs (under will be offered for hosting by another organization.

Major considerations for having a Copyright and Disclaimer Policy are:

­ Protecting the intellectual property rights of all DCMI resources in order to be able to provide access in accordance with the DCMI Publication Policy
­ Encouraging unambiguous references to DCMI resources
­ Avoiding litigation

The DCMI Copyright Policy is available on the DCMI Website.