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DCMI Guidelines for Vocabulary and Encoding Scheme Qualifiers

Guidelines for registration of vocabulary and encoding scheme qualifiers

Creator: Traugott Koch
Date Issued: 2003-05-15
Latest Version:
Replaced by: Not applicable
Document Status: This is a DCMI Usage Board Working Draft.
Description: This document describes processes related to the submission and review of proposed encoding schemes for identifying controlled vocabularies of values.
Date Valid: 2003-05-15

DCMI recognizes that different discourse and practice communities have legitimate, particular needs to be able to select either vocabulary schemes from an array of recognized controlled vocabularies (e.g., thesauri, classification systems, taxonomies, ontologies, and word lists) or encoding schemes that determine the syntactic structure of the values (e.g., date encoding schemes). To promote the greatest degree of interoperablity, DCMI encourages the registration of recognized schemes with DCMI.

DCMI recognizes that in order to promote interoperability through the common assignment of terms from established, publicly recognized controlled vocabularies and encoding schemes, the most critical, immediate need is to provide registration mechanisms for vocabularies for the "Subject" vocabulary.

1. General

2. Registration process


Full label of the scheme Dewey Decimal Classification
Suggested name (acronym) DDC
Maintenance agency OCLC Forest Press
Maintenance agency contact person name { Name of current editor or contact person }
Maintenance agency contact email address
Submitter email address { Email address of submitter if different than the maintenance agency }
Online access point Web Dewey in CORC (
Access information
Additional information about the scheme License required
Domain(s) and extent of usage Most frequently used universal classification system for library OPACs and national bibliographies; limited recent usage in web catalogues etc.
Associated element(s) or element refinement(s) Subject

Note: In order to stay in sync with DCMI conventions, in these guidelines the full name of a scheme is called "label" and an acronym or token is called "name".