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DCMI Usage Board - Meeting Agenda

DCMI Usage Board

_Usage Board Meeting

May 21-22, 2001
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Dublin, Ohio (USA)_

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USAGE BOARD - First meeting, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio

Agenda version: Wed May 16 14:58:53 MET DST 2001

Monday, 21 May 2001, 9:00-17:00
Tuesday, 22 May 2001, 9:00-16:30

Will attend:

Thomas Baker
Rebecca Guenther
Diane Hillmann
Traugott Koch
Stuart Sutton
Andy Powell

Cannot attend:

Roland Schwaenzl
Haruki Nagata


1) Basic principles and documentation:

a) documentation policy (mailing list, Web archives) - Traugott, Stu, Harry

b) DCMI namespace policy - Stu

c) mission and scope of Usage Board - Tom

d) foundation principles (grammar) - Tom

e) MARBI process - Rebecca

f) DCMI Usage Board process - Rebecca, Diane, Traugott, Tom

g) Guidelines for vocabulary and encoding scheme qualifiers - Traugott, Roland

2) Discussion and approval of some proposals

a) Education WG proposal - Stuart

b) Revised "best practice" note for language codes - Rebecca


c) URI qualifier for Source in

3) Inventory of (potential) future work items

a) SWD qualifier for Subject (Berthold Weiss)
b) Subject qualifiers for mathematics (Hans Becker)
c) DC-Citation (Cliff Morgan, Ann Apps, Andy Powell)
d) John Kunze's qualifiers for null values in the ARK Persistant Qualifier Scheme [cached copy]
e) MARC relator terms for creator/contributor/publisher?
f) Qualifiers for Ethnologue language terms (Diane Hillmann)
g) Bringing grammatical jargon used for [1] in line with 3
h) "Personal" and "Corporate" as qualifiers of CCP elements
i) MARC code list for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions as an encoding scheme
Classification sources [cached copy]
Subject thesauri [cached copy]

4) "Other"

a) Relationship of User Guide to Usage Board

b) Schedule the next meeting