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Title:               Agenda of Usage Board meeting
Date of meeting:     Saturday, 12 October 2002 - all day
                     Sunday, 13 October 2002 - all day
Venue:               Florence, Italy
Date Modified:       2002-10-07
Description:         The agenda is maintained and occasionally
                     updated by the Usage Board Chair, Tom Baker
                     in the weeks preceding a meeting.  Revisions are
                     posted to the Usage Board mailing list,
                     which publicly accessible on a read-only
                     basis at [1].  On completion of a meeting,
                     the agenda is archived on the DCMI Web
                     site and can be accessed through the
                     Usage Board Meetings page [2].

Expected participation:              Guests:
   Tom Baker, chair                     Makx Dekkers, Saturday
   Andy Powell
   Diane Hillmann                    Apologies:
   Haruki Nagata                        Roland Schwaenzl
   Rebecca Guenther, late arrival
   Stuart Sutton
   Traugott Koch

Saturday, 12 October
   0830-1200: 210" Total
               20" Grammar (1)
               90" Process (2)
               30" Encoding Scheme registration (3)
               40" UB Web pages (8)
               30" Coffee

   1200-1300:  60" Lunch

   1300-1700: 240" Total
               30" Schema representations (9)
               30" Coffee
                   Time permitting:
                   -- Anything not finished from the morning
                   -- DC-Gov terms
                   -- Structured values

Sunday, 12 October
   0830-1200: 210" Total (need 180"?)
               60" DC-Gov terms (7)
               60" Role values (6)
               30" Coffee

   1200-1300:  60" Lunch

   1300-1700: 240" Total
               60" Structured Values (4)
               60" Libraries profile (5)
               30" Coffee

1. Statement of Dublin Core "grammar" (Tom Baker)
   Time: 20 min

   Tom: Everyone should re-read the currently posted version
   of the one-page grammar statement and compare it with the
   2002-10-06 version.  The 2002-10-06 version includes an
   Issues list at the end that would of course be deleted
   from the statement if we approve it.  I am not expecting
   we will need alot of time in the meeting for discussion;
   any additional wordsmithing we may want to do should be
   outside of the meeting time.

   Required reading:
   -- Revised version of Grammar, 2002-10-06
   -- Legacy version of Grammar, 2002-07-13

2. Usage Board Process (Stuart Sutton)
   Time: 40 min

   Stuart: The latest version (UB-Process-Rev2.html) has
   additional revisions from the last circulated version
   (UB-Process-Rev1.html).  One change was global--the
   original used the word "qualifier" and "qualification"
   of terms throughout which I changed to "refinement" in
   keeping with current practice.  I also removed a number
   of textual references to the notion of domain-specific
   stuff where such references no longer appear relevant.
   With the exception of the global change to"refinement",
   all others have been marked with a strike through so they
   are clearly visible.  Unfortunately, the additions of new
   text is in color and, therefore, lost when we do printouts.
   Obviously, the major change is in the status of decisions
   (recommended, conforming etc.) and in the addition of
   part on application profiles.  Also: I am assuming that
   our discussion led by Diane on documentation and the
   official status of documents other than recommendations,
   conforming etc.  (including this process document) may well
   lead to additional textual changes in the process document.

   Diane will lead a discussion of her draft "DCMI Documentation
   and Documentation Maintenance Issues", which is on the agenda
   for discussion at the Advisory Board meeting in Florence.
   The draft draws lessons from the experience of managing
   documentation in the Usage Board and proposes that DCMI
   generalize some of the Usage Board methods and terminology
   for use by DCMI more generally.

   Stuart and Diane question whether we really need to have
   the new status "Reviewed" for application profiles --
   perhaps "Registered", used for Encoding Schemes, could
   serve here as well.

   Required reading:
   -- DCMI Usage Board Administrative Processes, 2002-10-04 version,
   -- DCMI Usage Board Review of Application Profiles
   -- DCMI Documentation and Documentation Maintenance Issues

3. Registration of Encoding Schemes (Traugott Koch)
   Time: 30 min

   Traugott: Text still needs to be changed on pages (action
   is on Harry).  Part of the update should be several minor
   issues I mentioned in the last letter to the list some
   of which we did not have the time to deal with in Bath.
   We should aim at getting closure on the Guidelines in
   Florence.  As for the guidelines: apart from adding links
   to the registry, no further changes should be needed before
   starting the registry.

   Required reading:
   -- Guidelines for Vocabulary and Encoding Scheme Qualifiers,
      draft dated 2002-02-13,

   -- Vocabulary and Encoding Scheme Registration,

4. Structured Values, or "DCSVs" (Andy Powell)
   Time: 60 mins

   Discussion should include the following:
   -- summarise the current status of existing 'structured values'
   -- agree (in principle) to any required changes to current documents
   -- agree a way of actioning any agreed changes
   -- agree some scope for what we mean by 'structured value' - e.g.
      is a value containing MathML markup a structured value?
   -- agree associated rules/guidelines
   -- agree general policy for acceptance of new 'structured' values

   Required reading:
   -- General issues:
   -- Journal Article Bibliographic Citation DCSV (Citation Working Group)
   -- DCMI Agent Detail, structured values for CCP elements (Rebecca Guenther)

   Background reading:
   -- http://dublincore.org/documents/2000/07/28/dcmi-dcsv/
   -- http://dublincore.org/documents/1999/04/30/labelled-values-syntax/
   -- http://dublincore.org/documents/2000/07/28/dcmi-point/
   -- http://dublincore.org/documents/2000/07/28/dcmi-period/
   -- http://dublincore.org/documents/2000/07/28/dcmi-box/

5. Libraries profile (Rebecca Guenther)
   Time: 60 min maximum

    Rebecca: We've already discussed this before. I'm taking
    the controversial things out, so I don't think it would
    take too long.

    Required reading:
    -- Libraries profile (Rebecca Guenther)
    -- DCMI Usage Board Review of Application Profiles (see point 2 above)

6. Use of role values as element refinements for
   Creator, Contributor, Publisher (Rebecca Guenther)
   Time: 60 min

   Required reading:
   -- Proposal for Agent Roles, revised 2002-10-07
   -- Discussion

   Background reading:
   -- Proposal: Agent roles in DCMES (2002-04-05)
   -- Relator Terms and Codes

7. DC-Government new-term proposals (Stuart Sutton)
   Time: 60 min

    Proposals announced to DC-General for comment period:
    -- http://dublincore.org/groups/government/accessRights.shtml
    -- http://dublincore.org/groups/government/acquired.shtml
    -- http://dublincore.org/groups/government/securityClassification.shtml

    Background reading:
    -- http://dublincore.org/usage/meetings/2002/05/Dc-gov.proposal.pdf
    -- http://dublincore.org/usage/decisions/2001/government-02.shtml
    -- http://dublincore.org/usage/meetings/2001/10/DC-Gov_proposal_v0.2_2001-10-121.html

8. Usage Board documentation and Web pages (Tom Baker)

9. Usage Board role vis-a-vis schema representations of DCMI
   terms (Roland Schwaenzl)

10. Other issues

-- According to the term declaration, W3CDTF and Period
   only apply to Date, not any of the Date refinements.
   Should they apply to Date AND all its refinements (both
   recommended and conforming)?

-- In response to a question from Chris Croome on 7 August,
   there were helpful postings from Andy Powell and Jon
   Hanna, after which Chris asked whether we have any way to
   capture and make available clarifications of this kind.
   Where could we put such information?  How would this
   relate to the User Guide activity?


[1] http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/dc-usage.html
[2] http://dublincore.org/usage/meetings/

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