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Title: Agenda, DCMI Usage Board meeting, Bath (UK), 14-15 March 2004
Modified: 2004-03-22 09:41, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker
Latest version:
Description: This is the final, updated archival version of the agenda
                   for the meeting of the Usage Board on 14-15 March 2004.
                   This agenda is the basis for an updated PDF file 
                   of the meeting packet that includes everything of 
                   relevance from the previous packets along with copies of
                   (almost) everything distributed at the meeting.

    TOPIC 1: DCMI Naming Policy (Tom)

    TOPIC 2. Encoding schemes for Library Application Profile (Rebecca)

    TOPIC 3: Registration of Vocabulary Encoding Schemes (Traugott)

    TOPIC 4. Proposed terms for a Collection Description profile (Andrew)

    TOPIC 5. Scope of DCMI Namespaces (Andy, Pete Johnston as guest)

    TOPIC 6. DCMI Abstract Model (Andy)

    TOPIC 7. Guidelines for DC Application Profiles (Tom)

    TOPIC 8. PBCore Metadata Dictionary (Rebecca)

    TOPIC 9. Review of Application Profiles (Tom)

    TOPIC 10. AskDCMI (Diane)

    TOPIC 11. Proposals for dc:rights-related terms (Andrew)

    TOPIC 12. MARC Relator terms and dc:contributor (Rebecca)
    TOPIC 13. Dublin Core and OAI (Tom)

    TOPIC 14. Unfinished business (Tom, Diane, Stuart)

    TOPIC 15. Usage Board issues (Tom)

    TOPIC 16. Other issues

    APPENDIX Reference materials