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Topic: Scope of DCMI Namespaces
Modified: 2004-03-22 09:41, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker
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Shepherd: Andy Powell


    This document raises the question of what URIrefs should be
    assigned to terms proposed by DCMI WGs in the course of their
    work on DCAPs, when the use of those terms is limited to the
    description of a particular class of resource. Currently,
    although such terms may be conforming in terms of the Dublin
    Core model, it may be that they are considered inappropriate as
    candidates for inclusion in one of the DCMI Namespaces. Since
    this is the only means DCMI provides of assigning a persistent
    URIref, this means that the WG is unable to assign a DCMI-owned
    URI for the term, and must seek a third-party that can provide
    such a URIref.