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Topic: Old business - etc
Modified: 2004-03-22 09:41, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker
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    Talk with ISO and NISO re posting copies of standards on 
    DCMI website.
    We need to check with NISO and ISO what the rules are that they
    have for 'Maintenance Agencies'
    -- do we get the right to post the final text of these standards 
       on our Web site?
    -- how can we make changes and feed them back into the standard
       (e.g. can we fast-track the capitalization issue)?

    The UB process document be amended to clarify that change
    requests from Working Groups should not combine a number
    of unrelated proposals.

ITHACA ACTION (Diane and Stuart)
    Work on the DCMI Type vocabulary to move examples in 
    definitions into a comment field.

SEATTLE Action Item 7: Diane to remove references in "Using DC"
to using a label within relation if a refinement is not
being used.

ITHACA ACTION ITEM Andy + Andrew: Revise DCSV Specification and
various DCSV scheme specifications after approval of abstract
model recommendation.