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Topic: Review of application profiles
Modified: 2004-03-22 09:41, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker
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In principle, the Usage Board can review application profiles. There are two 
sets of issues here:

1) Documentation of principles and process

   The issue here is to clarify which documents are
   being followed and whether the existing guidelines
   are sufficiently clear to allow us to get started with
   actually reviewing Application Profiles (e.g., at the
   Shanghai meeting).

      Section 6 of the Process document outlines the procedures by which
      we can assign the status of "conforming" to application profiles.

      "DCMI Usage Board Review of Application Profiles"
      This two-page document establishes that the Usage Board can review
      Application Profiles.

      These CEN "Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles", discussed 
      in another topic, could potentially function as format guidelines for
      Application Profiles submitted to the Usage Board for review.

2) Actual Application Profiles in the pipeline

   The issue here is to compile a list of application
   profiles that are potentially candidates for review.
   There are links in my notes but it would take awhile to
   pull them together; what follows is just a start (please
   submit additional pointers):

      Not sure if this is the latest version and whether the Working Group is
      still in principle interested in a Usage Board review.

   -- e-GMS v3 DRAFT for public consultation

   -- Public Broadcasting Metadata specification