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Title: Encoding Scheme for "NLM Classification"
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Created: 2004-09-14
Agenda frozen: 2004-10-02 07:25, Saturday
Archived: 2004-11-10
Maintainer: Tom Baker
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Shepherd: Rebecca

2004-05-19. Diane Boehr of NLM inquired about "getting the
NLM classification to be one of the approved qualifiers"
for dc:subject. In response, Andy explained how one could
name one's own encoding scheme with a URI and use that URI
in XML encodings without having to "register" it with DCMI.
However, Tom thought she was asking how DCMI might somehow
recognize ("approve" or "recommend") such an NLM URI, which
suggested alternative actions such as the following:

-- alert DC-General (once);
-- record the fact on Traugott's planned Web page;
-- review the assertion in UB and endorse or recommend it in some form;
-- record that assertion in a machine-processable form so that the
   endorsement of the NLM term shows up in our Web documents and RDF
-- ensure that the term appears in the DCMI Registry.
-- There is also an option of using the LC source code list that
   includes a value for NLM classification; and LC has said they
   would define URIs for all the values on these lists.

Rebecca spoke with Diane Boehr in June, and it would seem
NLM simply wants to have a DCMI-maintained encoding scheme
designating the NLM classification.

The email exchange above is summarized in

In Shanghai, we need to decide what to do about this in the
context of a broader discussion of how the Usage Board will
henceforth handle Encoding Schemes now that DCMI has decided
not to operate a Web-based "registration" service [1,2,3]