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Topic: Accessibility
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Created: 2005-05-11
Modified: 2005-05-16 17:28, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker

In Shanghai we decided to approve "Accessibility" as an element
but for various reasons were unable to finalize the decision.

In Washington, we need to either approve the term, or to
decide to send it back to the Working Group. If we do the
latter, we should be able to formulate a position on why we
were unable to finalize the decision.

As background, everyone should please review the following materials:

-- 2005-04-13: Summary of discussion

-- 2005-04-13: Digest of some list discussion

-- 2005-04-18: Liddy's reaction

-- 2005-04-21: Stu's opinion

Here is the revised proposal from Liddy as of 2005-05-13:

-- Cover page:

-- Background material:

-- The proposal - what we need either to approve or to send back to the WG:

-- Examples: