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Topic: Topic: September meeting at DC2005 in Madrid
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Created: 2005-05-11
Modified: 2005-05-16 17:28, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker

DC2005 in Madrid
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   Sat Sep 10: Usage Board
   Sun Sep 11: Usage Board
   Mon Sep 12: tutorials, papers, working groups
   Tue Sep 13: tutorials, papers, working groups
   Wed Sep 14: tutorials, papers, working groups
   Thu Sep 15: tutorials, papers, working groups
   Fri Sep 16: Advisory Board

Preliminary agenda

1. Review of Collection Description application profile 

2. Revision of DCSV documents [Andy and Andrew]

3. Non-DCMI encoding schemes
   Endorsement mechanism for non-DCMI encoding schemes [Stuart, Diane, Tom, Pete for RDF]
   Statement of DCMI approach to endorsing vocabulary encoding schemes [Tom]

4. dc:date issues [currently with DCMI Date Working Group]
   -- Encoding scheme for ISO8601
   -- Possible changes to comment or definition re: ranges
   -- Implications for ISO and NISO of changes to dc:date definition or comment
   -- Eric Childress to report
   -- note: John Kunze's RFC in pipeline

5. Documentation and maintenance [Tom]
   Flagging old encoding scheme Web forms pages as obsolete
   Attributes for describing DCMI terms ("status", etc)
   Template posting for announcing comment period

6. Encoding scheme types - 1 hour? - unless covered already in Washington [Andy]
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   Vocabulary ES vs. syntax ES. Consequences for documentation.

7. DCMES Definitions - 1 hour? - unless covered already in Washington [Andy]
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   Wording of definitions in light of DAM.
   Consequences for standards.