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Topic: Libraries Application Profile
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Created: 2005-05-11
Modified: 2005-05-16 17:28, Monday
Maintainer: Tom Baker

Read the latest version of the application profile:

Robina reports that the profile has not been updated since
September 2004 (i.e. before the Usage Board decisions in
Shanghai). She has an action to update it in line with those
decisions but has had an email discussion with Rebecca in the
meantime. They decided it was not a good use of time to update
it while the main issues outstanding are still unresolved.
These issues are:

-- the desire to use the Roles from the MARC Relator list
   LoC has worked on. What is best practice for including
   entire sets of possible refinements in a DCAP? There
   are too many MARC relator terms to cite them in the DCAP
   documentation, and the set of MARC relator terms will
   change over time. Can the set of MARC relator terms
   be cited as a whole?

-- the desire to include a couple of terms from the MODS
   namespace and the mismatch between a DC element and an
   XML attribute. At any rate, it was the mismatch in the
   data models that made this kind of re-use problematic.

-- How to describe/define encoding schemes in the AP.
   In the AP, encoding schemes are referred to in the
   table describing the element it qualifies and then 
   there is a section at the end of the AP with a
   table per encoding scheme, following the model Pete uses.

Robina writes: "DC-Lib is a true application profile - it does
not declare any terms of its own, only reuses those from other
namespaces. So we do not have the problem of where to keep
terms we have coined ourselves and InfoURI seems to offer a way
forward for encoding schemes and controlled vocabs. However,
so far as I know, no-one actually uses DC-Lib as it stands.
TEL used it as a basis for the profile it developed and
we at the BL have done likewise for a BL profile. We (BL)
have coined some terms of our own and are beginning to think
about establishing a namespace to keep them in."