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Topic: Usage Board meeting agenda, 9-10 September 2005
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Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

Attendance Guests
   Tom Baker Joe Tennis
   Andy Powell Alistair Miles
   Andrew Wilson Pete Johnston
   Akira Miyazawa Dan Brickley
   Diane Hillmann
   Stuart Sutton

Friday morning
Pg Application profile review
 2 01. Review of Collection Description application profile [Andrew]
    02. Review of Application Profiles [Tom]
        See separate meeting packet:

Friday afternoon
Pg Changes and guidelines for existing DCMI terms
 3 03. Editorial changes to the DCMI Type Vocabulary [Stuart]
 4 04. Changes to DCMI properties [Andy]
 5 05. DC property domains and ranges [Andy]
 6 06. Issues related to dc:date [Tom]

Pg Policy and process
 7 07. Revision of DCSV documents [Andy and Andrew]
 8 08. MARC Relators - follow-up [Tom]
10 09. Ongoing review of process document [Diane and Stuart]
11 10. Guidelines for some new elements [Diane]
13 11. Accessibility decision - follow-up [Tom]
14 12. The back burner [Tom]