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Title: Accessibility decision follow-up
Main agenda:
Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

In Shanghai, the Usage Board considered a proposal
from the DCMI Accessibility Working Group (the
full proposal is documented in the meeting packet at
A decision was made to approve an element pending clarification
of several points.

After lengthy discussion, the Board concluded that the decision
to approve an element could not be finalized. These reasons
were explained in the decision text of 2005-06-13 at [1].

The working group has now written a response to the decision
[2]. The group has now also formulated an abstract model for
accessibility [3] as the basis for further discussion, and
with the intent of submitting a proposal for a new element [4].

Liddy Nevile, chair of the Accessibility Working Group, has
requested that the Usage Board provide some guidance to the
working group about future proposals, and particularly about
how the Usage Board sees their work fitting in with the DCMI
Abstract Model.

It would be useful if we could review the decision and
briefly discuss the current work at our meeting in Madrid.
To prepare for this, please read:

[1] The Usage Board decision of 2005-06-13

[2] Response of the Working Group to the Usage Board decision

[3] The model currently being used in the working group as the basis for further work

[4] The new element proposal under development

Note: The files under [2], [3], and [4] were originally posted on a Wiki:
These files, which looked fine when viewed in normal Web
browsers, were converted into plain text when the Wiki text
proved to be unreadable when incorporated into the meeting
packet via an Adobe Acrobat Web capture.