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Title: Issues related to dc:date
Main agenda:
Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

Since at least 2003, there has been a demand for an encoding
scheme for date strings formatted according to the standard
ISO 8601. In particular, the DCMI Libraries Working Group
requested (for use in an application profile) an encoding
scheme for dates encoded without hyphens -- one of the
syntactic styles specified in ISO 8601. For background,

At the Usage Board meeting in Shanghai in October 2004, we
agreed in principle to create a new syntax encoding scheme,
htt p://, with a comment to the
effect that some value strings which conform to ISO8601Basic
would not be valid value strings for dc:date (e.g. '15.30').

In subsequent discussions at the Shanghai conference with
members of the Date Working Group and Advisory Board, however,
and after a new "all-ISO8601" proposal was discussed on
the UB list, we decided to send this issue back to the Date
Working Group for further discussion.

At the meeting in Shanghai, the Usage Board also prepared a
proposed modification of the definition for Date, to read:
'A date (or date and time), including a range, of an event
in the lifecycle of the resource'. In subsequent discussion,
however, we realized that a change in the Comment would achieve
the same purpose. This issue was also sent back to the Date
WG for discussion.

In response to a Usage Board request of November 2004, the
Date Working Group has developed positions on two points:

[1] The scope of dc:date with regard to date ranges.
     We should review this in order to provisionally approve
     it, after which it would be submitted, along with proposed
     changes to other properties (see Madrid topic "Editorial
     changes to other DCMI properties") for formal approval at
     a later date.

[2] An encoding scheme for ISO 8601 (as a whole).