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Adaptation Term Proposal

Adaptation Requirements Table
Label Adaptation
Definition A statement describing characteristics of the resource that affect how it can be sensed, understood, or interacted with by users or agents.
Comment An Adaptation description might be used to match a (digital or physical) resource to a description of user or user agent needs and preferences.
Examples Adaptation="Closed captions"
Adaptation="Extended audio descriptions"
Adaptation="Contains video and text transcript of action"
Type of Term Element
Term qualified None
Why needed The availability of an Adaptation term will allow for more precise descriptions of resources: many governments and communities mandate the accessibility of resources and services. A means of describing the relevant accessibility characteristics of resources is currently not available in DCMI metadata terms. The addition of an Adaptation term will enable this.
Working Group support There has been significant online and face-to-face discussion of the proposed new element. A couple of people commented on the DC-Accessibility mailing list that they were not sure about it being an adaptation element, but there has been a lot of informal discussion in the accessibility community in general and within the task group and there is general consensus that a narrow scope adaptation term is what is needed.

This element and the background AccessForAll work has been undertaken in collaboration with a number of other bodies in the hope that interoperability and industry adoption can flow more easily across communities. This has meant consensus in a far wider community than just the DC community although that has been a priority. All the work has been exposed (via the website and email list) on the DC-Accessibility Wiki for some time and it has been presented in major fora such as the W3C annual conference, accessibility conferences in Europe, north America, Asia, and considered by standards and specifications organisations including ISO JTC1 SC36, CEN ISSS LTSC, CEN ISS MMI-DC and IMS Global Consortium.
Proposed status Recommended
Related DCMI terms The conformsTo element refinement is a reference to an established standard to which the resource conforms. The standards referenced might be accessibility standards. There may be overlap in that conformance to an accessibility standard may imply certain adaptation properties but the explicit statement of the exact adaptation properties is achievable only through the Adaptation term.
Related non-DCMI terms - IMS AccessForAll Metadata Specification (AccMD) Version 1.0: The requirements of the Adaptation term proposal, specifically its ability to match resources to the accessibility preferences of a user, are highly influenced by the IMS AccMD specification. The AccMD specification documents are located at the [WWW]IMS Accessibility Web site. A brief technical explanation of the key concepts behind the AccMD can be found in the AccessForAllFramework.
- ISO JTC1 SC36 AccessForAll Metadata Personal Needs and Preferences and Digital Resouce Descriptions
Impact on applications Minimal. Current DC-based applications provide no conflicting means of identifying adaptation characteristics of resources.
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