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Topic: Ongoing Revision of the DCMI Process document
Main agenda:
Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

Shepherds: Diane Hillmann and Stuart Sutton

In May, Diane and Stuart agreed to make an interim update
of the Process document, recognizing that new issues such
as DCMI Extension Namespaces and the review of application
profiles will require further revisions.

In Madrid, we will not spend much time talking about the
process document per se. Everyone should nonetheless take
the time to carefully read the current draft [1], paying
particular attention to sections marked in red, so that
we have it all freshly in mind as we review the Collection
Description profile and as other process-related issues arise.

One obvious problem with the process document is that the
numbering has become quite deep, making the document as a
whole less readable than it could be. Please keep in mind
as you read the document the possibility that parts of the
document be split out into smaller, separate documents.

The current draft [1] reflects the following changes:

-- Entire document has been reorganized and made flatter overall.

-- New sections have been added to reflect new areas of work.
   Where possible, initial text has been added, primarily to 
   initiate and focus discussion. See in particular: 

   -- Part II: sections 1.2-1.5
   -- Part I: section 3.5: first stab at text defining "Endorsement"

Still to be done:

-- Part II: sections 1.1.3.-1.1.4: 
   Possibly split out Criteria for the evaluation new terms, plus 
   the decision tree, into a separate document; or incorporate these
   guidelines with the decision tree for application profiles.

-- Make some process sections in Part II: section 1 more general to 
   all UB activities, rather than just applying to new terms.

-- Fix numbering for Section II, since WORD seems to have messed it 
   up (doesn't match the TOC at the top).


[1] DCMI Usage Board Administrative Process -- latest working draft