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Topic: Editorial changes to definitions and labels
Main agenda:
Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

Shepherd: Andy Powell

Changes to DCMI property definitions and comments have been
proposed [1]. In addition, a change to the comment for
dc:date has been discussed by the DCMI Date Working Group
[3] -- see related Madrid topic, "Issues related to dc:date".

In Madrid, we should carefully review these changes and
"approve" them in a provisional sense. After folding this set
of changes together with the proposed changes to the DCMI Type
Vocabulary, all of the changes would be posted to DC-GENERAL
for a comment period before a final vote for approval is held.

Please review:

[1] Proposed changes to DCMI property definitions

[2] Digest of discussion in August 2005:

[3] Proposed change to the comment for dc:date, explicitly recognizing ranges

[4] List of possible changes as of May 2005 (for comparison)