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Topic: Review of editorial changes to the DCMI Type Vocabulary
Main agenda:
Modified: 2005-09-04 16:10, Sunday

Shepherd: Stuart Sutton

Stuart has made numerous small editorial changes to the DCMI
Type Vocabulary.

In Washington (May 2005), the plan had been to incorporate
various stylistic suggestions (e.g., change "Examples -" to
"Examples include: " and "web" to "Web" and "virtual reality"
to "virtual reality environment", plus comments from Andy),
then issue a document containing proposed changes on dc-general
for fourteen days before the Madrid meeting so that the changes
could be approved at the Madrid meeting.

The current plan is to discuss these changes in Madrid, fold
them together with changes to other terms that will also be
discussed in Madrid, and post all of the proposed changes
(after Madrid) for a comment period on DC-GENERAL before
final approval.


[1] Revised version of the DCMI Type Vocabulary

[2] Current version of the DCMI Type Vocabulary

[3] Some discussion on the list about specific wordings