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Title: DCMI Review of Application Profiles
Identifier: /usage/meetings/2006/04/profile-review/index.shtml

Basic documents for the review of application profiles

-- Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines

      Changes needed:
      -- Strengthen the requirement of assigning URIs to any
         non-previously-existing terms.
      -- Other changes to the Guidelines may be necessary to
         bring this into line with the Abstract Model (e.g., to
         distinguish between Value Strings and Value URIs as 
         in the draft Collection Description profile).

-- DCMI-compliant 'term' decision tree



-- Simple Dublin Core

-- Collection Description AP - summary

-- Collection Description AP - example excerpts

Discussion of issues

-- UB meeting discussion of profile review, Washington, May 2005

-- Mixing and Matching FAQ - "implementer questions about incorporating XML semantics"

-- Diane on controlled vocabularies specifying obligation

-- Guidelines for Assigning Identifiers to Metadata Terms

-- Dan Brickley on DCAPs

Background and foundational documents (not included in packet)

-- DCMI Policy on Naming Terms

-- DCMI Abstract Model

-- XML, RDF, and DCAPs

-- Element Refinement in Dublin Core Metadata