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Title: Replicating ELEMENTS1.1 terms in the DCTERMS namespace
Identifier: /admin/www/usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/all-in-dcterms/
Created: 2006-03-30

Discussion leader: Andy

-- /usageboardwiki/ReplicatingDCMESINDCTERMS

In Madrid (September 2005), the Architecture Working Group
discussed the possibility of adding the fifteen DCMES terms
[1] to the DCTERMS namespace [2] (in addition to them being in
the existing DCMES namespace) -- i.e., to coin [3] in addition
to [4]. This would mean that many DC users would only need
to use a single DCTERMS namespace. In Madrid, there was no
clear agreement about whether this should be done or not.

Such a change, if approved, would require further changes to
the namespace policy [5,6]. In fact, the change would have
a cascading effect on all DCMI documentation that cites

In the 2006-03-23, we agreed on the need for a small document
summarizing reasons pro and con. We need a coherent line
on why we would bother to do this. One possibility from a
process point of view would be for Architecture to ask UB to
take this on as a work item.

ACTION 2006-03-23: Andy - post a discussion for the rationale
to Architecture list for replicating Elements 1.1 in DCTERMS
This input on the list would become input at UB in Seattle.

[5] /documents/dcmi-namespace/
[6] /architecturewiki/NamespacePolicy