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Title: Finalizing DCMI Type Vocabulary after the comment period
Identifier: /admin/www/usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/dcmitype/
Created: 2006-03-30

Shepherd: Stuart

Required reading
[1] /usage/public-comment/2005/12/type-vocabulary-changes/
[2] /usage/public-comment/2006/03/type-vocabulary-comments/

See also
[3] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/domains-ranges/

A public comment period was held from 8 Dec to 31 Jan on
changes to the DCMI Type Vocabulary [1]. The responses have
been summarized in tabular form [2].

The finalization of the DCMI Type Vocabulary changes depends on
resolution of the "stylistic" issue in the topic "DCMI property
domains and ranges" [3].