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Title: DCMI Documentation Roadmap
Identifier: e:/admin/admin/www/usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/docn-roadmap/index.shtml
Source: e:/admin/admin/www/usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/docn-roadmap/index.txt

Discussion leader: Tom

[1] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/docn-roadmap/2006-03-31.roadmap.pdf

Tom originally prepared this Documentation Roadmap for
discussion with the DCMI Board of Trustees in Madrid.
It will be revised in light of ongoing progress for the
Trustee meeting in Mexico. It could not be discussed by the
Usage Board in Madrid because the UB met before the Trustees.

In Seattle, I would like for us all to take a critical look
at the Roadmap. Are there major items missing? Or have
some work items become unnecessary? Does it identify the
right priorities?