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Title: The NSDL Registry
Identifier: /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/nsdl-registry/index.shtml
Source: /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/nsdl-registry/index.txt

Shepherd: Diane, with Jon Phipps <>


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Diane proposes a demonstration of the metadata registry
currently in development, which in its first stage will be
focused on controlled vocabularies:  

    In later stages, we intend to include metadata schemas and
    application profiles. I'd suggest that we schedule this
    prior to our discussion on UB review of APs, in hopes of
    bringing to the table some practical issues that sometimes
    get lost as we hover around 50,000 feet in our discussions.

    Jon Phipps, who is working with me and Stuart on this
    project, will conduct the demonstration, and will also
    be observing the UB meeting. I think about 45 minutes
    should cover it, including discussion.

We have some use case documentation available which includes
Application Profile use cases [1].