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Title: Review of Resource Description and Access (RDA, aka AACR3)
Identifier: /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/rda-review/index.shtml

Discussant: Diane

[1] /groups/libraries/rda/
[2] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/rda-review/2006-02-06.digest.html
[3] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/rda-review/2006-03-28.rda-discussion.html
[4] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/rda-review/SCScommentsRDAPart1-excerpts.pdf
[5] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/rda-review/RDA_for_who.htm

The DCMI Libraries Working Group has a Working Group for
Reviewing Resource Description and Access (RDA) [1]. There has
been discussion on various DCMI lists raising fundamental
issues about "cataloging" in the Web environment [2,3].
Diane has included here a draft essay about the issues [5].

In particular, there have been some important comments on RDA
part 1 from the the Program for Cooperative Cataloging of The
Library of Congress, Standing Committee on Standards (SCS) [4],

As a Usage Board we should be aware of these discussions
and consider taking a stand or otherwise contribute to this
discussion. Please review the readings included in the packet
for discussion in Seattle.