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Title: Changes to terms in the DCTERMS namespace
Identifier: /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/term-changes/index.shtml

Discussant: Diane

[1] /usageboardwiki/TermChanges
[2] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/domains-ranges/2006-03-11.educationLevel.html

As decided on 2006-02-23, Tom split off changes to terms of
the DCTERMS namespace into a separate document and placed it
in the Wiki [1]. Additional errata and unfinished business
with regard to DCTERMS terms have since been added by Tom
(DDC, alternative) and Diane (date refinements).

We should make sure the document is checked for spelling
consistency -- organisation/organization (to prefer the

Also, dcterms:educationLevel needs a better definition [2].