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Title: DCMI Usage Board administrative process
Identifier: /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/ub-process/index.shtml

Discussants: Stuart and Diane

[1] /usage/documents/process/
[2] /usage/meetings/2006/04/seattle/ub-process/2006-02-23.process-ub-voting.txt

A revised process document was published on 2006-02-13 [1].
Subsequently, there was some discussion on the rules for voting
-- whether people who did not participate in a face-to-face
discussion should nonetheless have a vote [2] -- after which
we agreed on a telecon to leave the wording vague for now.

On 2006-03-30, Stuart had an action item to write up a
paragraph regarding UB process for revising the UB process
document -- a statement regarding how that process document
itself is revised so that there is something to point to should
questions of process arise. Attached is a strawman section 10
for the _DCMI Usage Board Administrative Processes_ document

    10. Revisions to Usage Board processes

    10.1. Purpose of process revisions. Usage Board
    processes are revised and new versions of the _DCMI
    Usage Board Administrative Processes_ document published
    from time-to-time: (a) to clarify and correct process
    statements in the _DCMI Usage Board Administrative
    Processes_ document; (b) as the result of evolving
    knowledge and practice; (c) to conform to the evolving
    mission of DCMI; and (d) on request of the Board of
    Trustees or the DCMI Directorate.

    10.2. Managing process revisions. The processes of
    revising Usage Board processes and the _DCMI Usage Board
    Administrative Processes_ document are informal, ongoing
    and managed by the Chair of the Usage Board.

    10.3. Documenting Usage Board processes. All revisions
    to Usage Board processes are reflected here in the _DCMI
    Usage Board Administartive Processes_ document.

    10.4. Communicating process revisions. Substantive
    revisions to the _DCMI Usage Board Administrative
    Processes_ document are announced on DC-General and other
    appropriate DCMI discussion lists.