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Title: Editorial changes to DCMES
Created: 2006-09-02
Updated: 2006-09-25

Shepherd: Tom

Required reading

-- 2006-08-28 Public comment text

-- 2006-09-21 Comments received as of

-- 2006-09-25 Comments received



Public Comment on editorial changes to terms in the Dublin
Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) was held from Monday,
28 August through Monday, 25 September [PUBLICCOMMENT].

Originally formulated from 1994 to 1996 and revised in 1999 as
DCMES Version 1.1, this term set is the basis for the formal
standards NISO Z39.85-2001 [NISO] and ISO Standard 15836-2003
[ISO]. The base document used for the changes proposed in
August 2006 was the consolidated DCMI terms document of June

All of the changes proposed for Public Comment were evaluated
by the DCMI Usage Board in light of the DCMI Namespace Policy
[NAMESPACE]. The namespace policy says that DCMI terms
are identified using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs).
In accordance with the principle that distinct URIs should be
assigned to distinct resources, the policy sets limits on the
range of editorial changes that may allowably be made to the
official labels, definitions, and usage comments associated
with DCMI terms. By policy, any changes of meaning judged
"likely to have a substantial impact on either machine
processing of DCMI terms or the functional semantics of the
terms" must trigger the creation of a new, distinct term with
a new, distinct URI.

In Manzanillo, we will discuss any issues arising in the Public
Comment period; Tom will summarize the issues raised as of 18
September for inclusion in the meeting packet and circulate a
summary of additional issues raised between 18 and 25 September
at the meeting in Manzanillo. Our goal should be to finalize
and approve the editorial changes in Manzanillo unless the
issues raised in the Public Comment period are substantial.
(Finalization involves publication of a Usage Board Decision
text and update of the HTML documentation and RDF schemas
for DCMI metadata terms.)

By December 2006, DCMI needs to apply for a five-year review
of Z39.85-2001. This will involve submitting documentation
and explanations for all changes made in the standard since
2001. The Public Comment text will provide the basis for
the five-year-review documentation. Leif Andresen, DCMI
liaison to ISO SC4 and to NISO, may attend the Usage Board
meeting in Manzanillo as a guest to discuss issues arising
in the public comment period and documentation requirements
for the NISO review.

It is worth noting that in 2004, when John Kunze prepared a
draft update to RFC 2413 [RFC2413BIS] -- intended to replace
the original Dublin Core Metadata for Resource Discovery
of 1998, aka Dublin Core 1.0 [RFC2413] -- he introduced the
following changes:

   1. Changed element names to lowercase (leaving labels

   2. Removed paragraph describing elements as being optional
       and repeatable (that class of rule being left to profiles):

           Each element is optional and repeatable. Metadata
           elements may appear in any order. The ordering of
           multiple occurrences of the same element (e.g.,
           Creator) may have a significance intended by the
           provider, but ordering is not guaranteed to be
           preserved in every system.

   3. Adjusted Abstract to simply list the elements instead of
       displaying them in columns.