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Title: Simple Dublin Core
Created: 2006-09-06


2006-04-30 Usage Board meeting, Seattle - notes

-- ISSUE: What is Simple Dublin Core?

-- "Simple DC" is a concept used in a number of ways in a
   number of places. Do we address it in reference to OAI?

-- "Simple DC is a description set with one description that
   describes a resource with 15 optional property usages"

-- If we say Simple DC is a conforming AP, then folks will
   be using it as a model.

-- Why do we need an AP to say what Simple DC is? Because you
   have to say the 15 properties are optional and repeatable.

-- What goes on a AP for Simple DC? It should include those
   properties of the DCMI Profile Model (Application Profile
   of Application Profiles).

-- ISSUE: OAI uses value string language. Do we put anything
   about value string language in this AP?

-- AGREED: Simple DC includes value string language, and this
   is optional.

-- AGREED: Need to include URI in Simple DC AP, not the QName.

-- AGREED: Do not cite our own XML schemas in the AP for Simple DC

-- ISSUE: Documentation mentioning "Simple Dublin Core" should be 
   revised to point to the Simple DC AP.

Use of "Simple Dublin Core" in DCMI documentation

    This document describes an encoding for the DCMES in XML subject to these restrictions:

    * The Dublin Core elements described in the DCMES V1.1 reference can be used
    * No other elements can be used
    * No element qualifiers can be used
    * The resulting RDF/XML cannot be embedded in web pages

    The Dublin Core standard includes two levels: Simple and
    Qualified. Simple Dublin Core comprises fifteen elements;
    Qualified Dublin Core includes three additional elements
    (Audience, Provenance and RightsHolder), as well as a group
    of element refinements (also called qualifiers) that refine
    the semantics of the elements in ways that may be useful in
    resource discovery.

    Simple Dublin Core

    The fifteen Dublin Core elements used without qualifiers,
    that is without element refinement or encoding
    schemes. Sometimes referred to as Dublin Core simple.

    "Simple Dublin Core" is Dublin Core metadata that
    uses no qualifiers; only the main 15 elements of the
    Dublin Core Metadata Element Set are expressed as simple
    attribute-value pairs without any "qualifiers" (such as
    encoding schemes, enumerated lists of values, or other
    processing clues) to provide more detailed information
    about a resource.

    Simple DC XML schema, version 2002-12-12

    This schema defines terms for Simple Dublin Core, i.e. the 15 elements
    from the namespace, with no use of
    encoding schemes or element refinements.