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Title: Usage Board 2006-2007 work plan: dependencies on DCMI Abstract Model
Version: 2006-09-14
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  1. Architecture - for discussion in Mexico

1.1. DCAM update: clarification of Value Type, VES, SES, introduction of domains and ranges, explicit Vocabulary Model. -- DCAM - Existing DCMI Recommendation, 2005-02-??

    -- DCAM - work-in-progress
       <a href=""></a>

    -- DCAM issues
       <a href=""></a>

1.2. DC-RDF updated to reflect changes in DCAM

    -- Legacy specs - not yet superseded:
       -- Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF/XML - title/date/status
          <a href="/documents/dcq-rdf-xml/"></a>
       -- Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML - title/date/status
          <a href="/documents/dcmes-xml/"></a>

    -- The new spec - passed first round of public comment July 2006
       <a href="/documents/dc-rdf/"></a>

    -- Notes on the above
       <a href="/documents/dc-rdf-notes/"></a>

    -- 2006-06-30 Report on public comment
       <a href=""></a>

1.3. DC-XML updated to reflect changes in DCAM

    -- Legacy DC-in-XML Guidelines, 2003 (a DCMI Recommendation)
       <a href="/documents/dc-xml-guidelines/"></a> 

    -- DC-XML Working Draft of 2006-05-29 (a DCMI Working Draft)
       <a href="/documents/2006/05/29/dc-xml/"></a> 

       -- 2006-07-18 Results of public comment
          <a href=";L=dc-architecture&amp;P=620">;L=dc-architecture&amp;P=620</a>
          <a href=""></a>

    The Working Draft of 2006-05-29 is intended to be replaced by two new documents:

    -- Expressing Dublin Core metadata using XML (DC-XML-Min)
       <a href=""></a>

       -- DC-XML-Min Instances
          <a href=""></a>

    -- Expressing Dublin Core metadata using XML (DC-XML-Full)
       <a href=""></a>

       -- DC-XML-Full Instances
          <a href=""></a>

    DC-XML-Min and DC-XML-Full are intended to replace the
    legacy DC-in-XML Guidelines as DCMI Recommendations.

1.4. DC-TEXT updated to reflect changes in DCAM --

  1. Usage Board meeting in Mexico

2.1. DCMES Editorial changes - finalization

    -- Public comment Aug 28 to Sep 25
       <a href="/usageboard/2006/2006-06.dcmes/dcmes-changes/"></a> 

2.2. Assignment of Domains and Ranges - meeting packet to include:

    -- Draft issues page:
       <a href="/usage/meetings/2006/09/manzanillo/domains-ranges/html/index.html"></a>
       This page includes links to past discussions on
       DC-USAGE, to Swoogle statistics, and to relevant
       notes and postings from the DC-RDF comment period.

    -- <a href=""></a>
       ACTION Usage Board (Mexico meeting): check draft
              Domain/Range Vocabulary term-by-term (all
              /terms/ properties); determine which definitions 
              or range assignments will need more attention.

    -- New version of DCAM - relevant for SES/VES discussion:
       <a href=""></a>

    -- 2006-06-28 DC-Arch proposal: new ranges only for the "terms" namespace? 
       <a href=";L=dc-architecture&amp;P=5526">;L=dc-architecture&amp;P=5526</a>

    -- Encoding Schemes as SES or VES - basis for discussion is
       <a href="/usage/meetings/2005/09/madrid/files/2005-05-12.encoding-scheme-types.txt"></a>

       ACTION Usage Board (Mexico meeting): For each Encoding
       Scheme, decide whether it is a Vocabulary Encoding
       Scheme or a Syntax Encoding Scheme (starting points are
       proposal above and new draft DCAM).

    -- ACTION Usage Board (Mexico meeting): Agree on
       further process for finalizing Domains and Ranges
       in all of its aspects (declaration of classes,
       assignment as domains and ranges, implications
       for term documentation).

2.3. Review Collection Description Application Profile

    -- Discuss review in Mexico, finalize October-November
  1. Usage Board - October through December

3.1. Prepare proposal on domains/ranges for Public Comment in early 2007

3.2. Finalize review of Collection Description Profile

  1. Architecture/DCMI - October through December

4.1. In parallel to 3.1, prepare (for purposes of testing and review): -- RDF schemas of revised descriptions of terms with domains and ranges -- RDF schemas of new classes

4.2. Prepare revised DCAM, DC-TEXT, DC-XML, DC-RDF, and DCMI Namespace Policy for the DCMI Recommendation process

    -- DC-XML draft should be accompanied by a note addressing
       compatibility with previous XML guidelines. See:
       <a href=";LUe-ARCHITECTURE&amp;P=150">;LUe-ARCHITECTURE&amp;P=150</a>
       <a href=";LUe-ARCHITECTURE&amp;P=255">;LUe-ARCHITECTURE&amp;P=255</a>

    -- DC-XML may need to distinguish between dc-xml-full and dc-xml-minimal:
       <a href=";L=dc-architecture&amp;P=1019">;L=dc-architecture&amp;P=1019</a>

4.3. Raise awareness in broader community, prepare for formal review in early 2007

  1. DCMI - January through April 2007

5.1. Public Comment for DCAM, DC-TEXT, DC-XML, DC-RDF as (Revised) DCMI Recommendations

5.2. Directorate to recruit additional reviewers, targeting interested communities, e.g.:

   -- Semantic Web community for DC-RDF
   -- OAI-PMH implementer community for DC-XML

5.3. Documentation about Vocabularies and Profiles

   Two new extensions of DCAM:
   -- Formal Vocabulary Model
   -- Formal Profile Model (extension of DCAM)
      Starting points: 
      -- <a href="/usage/meetings/2006/09/manzanillo/profile-pipeline/ub-profile/"></a>
      -- <a href="/usage/minutes/2006/2006-04-30.meeting-notes-dcap.html"></a>

   Contracted work packages for user documentation closely related to the above:

   -- Guidelines on How to declare a set of metadata terms
   -- Guidelines on How to make a DCAP 
      -- following example of CDAP, possibly later also 
         ePrints, etc
      -- Call for Tender to require "close coordination with
         the editors of DCAM"
      -- Include Simple Dublin Core as stand-alone example
      -- Starting points: 
         <a href="/usage/meetings/2006/04/profile-review/"></a>
         <a href="/usage/documents/2005/09/03/profile-guidelines/"></a>
  1. DCMI/Architecture - April through July

6.1. Following Public Comment period, publication of (revised) DCMI Recommendations: DCAM, DC-TEXT, DC-XML, DC-RDF, DCMI Namespace Policy.

  1. Usage Board Mid-Year meeting (March or April)

7.1. Approve domain/range classes as new DCMI terms 7.2. Approve assignments of domains and ranges to existing DCMI terms 7.3. Approve DCAP for Simple Dublin Core 7.4. Full formal review of NISO Collection Description profile

  1. DCMI - April through July

7.1. Declare domain/range classes; publish RDF schemas and HTML documents 7.2. Copy contents of "1.1" namespace to "terms" namespace 7.3. Declare domains and ranges for "terms" terms; include in TERMS publications 7.4. Public comment period for Documentation on Vocabularies and Profiles 7.5. Other changes and pointers in DCMI term documentation. Update Using Dublin Core.

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