AGENDA - Usage Board telecon 2006-12-15

Version as of: 2006-12-11 15:56

Friday - 1300 UTC, 1500 Berlin, 0600 Seattle, 2200 Tokyo
Calling instructions below.

Participants: Akira, Andrew, Andy, Diane, Joe, Stuart, Tom (chair)

1. Review status of actions from Manzanillo (compare to meeting notes [1])

   Everyone please check your actions!

2. DCMES changes - decision text (Tom)

   Akira has reviewed carefully - everyone please read through to check.

3. DCMES changes - response to comments (Tom)

   At least two people should read this and react to the list
   before the telecon.  On the telecon, we discuss and approve.

4. Preliminary review of Collection Description AP (Andrew)          - feedback to WG            - "dry-run" review - review criteria and questions

5. DCMES terms documentation

   Tom will post URIs when ready - everyone please have a look to double-check.

6. March 16-17 Usage Board meeting in Barcelona

   Tom and Andy will discuss progress on dependent developments in 
   dc-architecture which suggest the following goals for the UB meeting
   in Barcelona:

   -- Approve domain/range classes as new DCMI terms
   -- Approve assignments of domains and ranges to existing DCMI terms
   -- Designate existing encoding schemes as Syntax Encoding Schemes or
      Vocabulary Encoding Schemes


Calling into the conference:

    1) Dial: local country number (
       -- UK 0800-032-0634
       -- Germany 0800-181-2311
       -- Japan 00531-13-0842 "KDD Only"
       -- US - skip this step

    2) You hear: "Welcome... Please enter your 10-digit..."
       Type: 888-448-7101#

    3) You hear: "Please enter..."
       Type:     764-6081#

2009-01-29: Changed usageboard/log URIs to usage/minutes URIs.